Suspect Arrested In Connection To Wayde Sims, LSU Basketball Star’s Murder


Suspect Dyteon Simpson was arrested Saturday morning (Sept. 29) for the murder of Louisiana State University basketball player Wayde Sims.

Sims, a 20-year-old power forward, suffered a gunshot wound to the head on Sept. 28 near the Southern University campus. He was intervening in a disagreement between his friend and the suspect. Sims died in a hospital later that morning.

A video released to the community confirms that an altercation occurred between half-a-dozen men, followed by a gunshot and Sims collapsing before several men flee.

Detectives at the scene found glasses and ran a comprehensive DNA test, which determined it belonged to Simpson. During questioning, the 20-year-old admitted to being in possession of a firearm and shooting Sims during the fight.

“Simpson was questioned and admitted to being in possession of a weapon, admitting to being on the scene and admitted to shooting Wayde as well,” said Baton Rouge police Chief Murphy Paul.

Dyteon Simpson now faces second-degree murder charges according to East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore III.

CNN reports the victim’s quickly solved murder can be attributed to multiple members in the community, who volunteered information that was crucial to the solving of this case.”There’s something unique about this case,” Paul said. “We are getting — we’ve received so many calls. This young man was loved by so many people, nationally.”

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