White Nashville Cop Charged With Criminal Homicide In Murder Of A Black Man


A white Nashville police officer has been charged with criminal homicide after shooting a 25-year-old black man multiple times in the back.

According to an arrest warrant obtained by CNN, Andrew Delke shot Daniel Hambrick three time on July 26. Delke’s lawyer David Raybin says he plans to plead not guilty. Under Tennessee law, criminal homicide includes voluntary manslaughter, murder, and criminally negligent homicide. Delke turned himself in Thursday (Sept. 27) but was released on $25,000 bond.

Surveillance footage released last month by the Nashville District Attorney’s Office shows Delke chasing Hambrick until he fires his gun. The warrant states Delke instructed Hambrick to drop the gun as they were running but he did not. A gun was reportedly found at the scene.

Delke was originally placed on desk duty and has now been terminated due to the criminal homicide charge. Since the footage has been released many in Nashville are asking for police accountability.

Raybin said Hambrick was holding a gun prior to him being shot and that his client followed the “law and his training.”

“Most people run from danger. Police officers run toward danger,” Raybin told CNN. “Officer Delke was protecting himself, his backup officers and the public.”

Nashville Mayor David Briley said Delke’s charge was “a necessary step.”

“Put simply, we must have laws that are fairly, equally and transparently applied,” Briley said in a statement. While he maintains his support for law enforcement, officers accused of improper conduct ” “will be required to account for their actions.”

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