Akon Is Seriously Considering A Run For President In 2020


Trump has really opened the door for a number of celebrities to believe they have what it takes to be the next president of the United States. Akon is the latest celebrity to reveal his interest in being commander-in-chief. In a new interview with Newsweek, the singer-turned-world leader dished about his plans for 2020.

“I’ve been thinking about running for 2020 very seriously,” Akon said when asked about whether he would run against Trump in the next election.

Unlike our current world leader however, Akon said he wants to make a run for the White House after he completes the ground work first. “But I didn’t want to just do it because I feel like I want to continue doing what I’m doing and hope that builds me enough momentum [for people] to say, ‘You know what, if you run we’ll support you’,” he added.

The singer is definitely putting in the work to make the world a better place. Over the past four years, he founded his company Akon Lighting Africa, which has brought electricity to 15 countries including Kenya, Nigeria, and Senegal. He most recently launched Akoin, a cryptocurrency that helps fund projects in Africa. He also hopes to expand Akon Lighting to other communities in need.

Akon’s interest in running for president follows other announcements from celebrities including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kanye West. We’ll just have to wait and see who’s name is on the ticket.

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