‘All That’ Might Make An Epic Comeback On Nickelodeon

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Before Kenan Thompson became an Emmy-Award winning SNL actor and Nick Cannon shaped young comics on Wild N’ Out, they got their start on Nickelodeon’s All That. With one of the co-creators of the series sitting pretty as the new chief of production at the network, the series might make a comeback.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter on Thursday (Nov. 1) Brian Robbins expanded on the idea of reviving any of the shows he helped create during the network’s golden age. As a co-creator and director of All That, The Amanda Show, Kenan and Kel as well as Good Burger, Robbins is more than ready to bring back All That.

“I would’ve never, ever, ever canceled the show,” he said. “It should’ve been [Nickelodeon’s] Saturday Night Live. All That was a very sophisticated show. Young humor, but the level of comedy on that show was sophisticated.” All That came to be 1994, lasting ten seasons and known to many as network’s legacy series next to shows like Spongebob Squarepants and Are You Afraid of The Dark.

“I was actually at Saturday Night Live this weekend in New York with Kenan Thompson, who grew up on All That and Kenan & Kel,” added Robbins. “It was my first time seeing him on the show, and I really wanted to cry. I was so proud. I’ve known the kid since he’s 14 years old.”

Some of the other cast members who went on to have successful careers after their stint included Nick Cannon, Kel Mitchell, Lori Beth Denberg, Amanda Bynes, Jamie Lynn Spears, and Gabriel Iglesias.

Along with hilarious short sketches, the 30-minute show would end with a musical performance. For the first six years, most of the musical artists that performed for the Nickelodeon series were of the R&B/hip-hop world before the show started becoming inclusive of bubblegum-teen pop and rock/alternative acts. Destiny’s Child, Monica, the late Aaliyah, and LL Cool J were just some of the famous talents who touched the All That stage.

Check out the iconic theme song below.

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