People Would Like Blac Chyna’s “Deserve” If Blac Chyna Wasn’t On It


Reality stars have always had a rough time transitioning over to the music scene (a la Joseline from Love and Hip Hop or Kim Kardashian’s very short stint). While the world seems to be more forgiving these days, (Bhad Babie) the hate train headed to Calabasas, Calif. on Monday (Nov. 5) when Blac Chyna dropped her debut rap song, “Deserve” featuring Jeremih and Yo Gotti.

Produced by Hitmaka, the song is worthy to be on the getting ready playlist. It has generic braggadocious raps, a succulent beat and a hook made by arguably one of the best songwriters out. None of this stopped the peanut social media gallery from letting off jokes about Chyna jumping into the booth. In between video-memes of Shannon Sharpe and Erica Dixon rests the undeniable truth–it knocks a little bit.

Just sit in this space for a few. When Chyna first announced plans to toy with rapping, fans of her very impressive glow-up assumed she would be raunchy, direct and bring some D.C flavor to her rhymes. “Deserve” carries pieces of this but falls flat thanks to her narrow focus on money. In an interview with XXL last year, the entrepreneur shared her dreams of rapping while name-dropping her very famous potential “mentors.”

“Most of the people, I already know them anyway so it should be really easy for me,” she said. “If I need help or if I need mentoring, I could call my friends like French or Nicki or whoever for advice and whatnot. My ultimate goal is to, of course, be successful and make sure that everything I do put out reflects myself. I don’t want to get caught up in the hype and then I put out something and I’m like, ‘Why did I put this out?’ two years later. I always want it to be about myself, growing, and be all about me.”

She might be asking herself this question about “Deserve,” but what separates her from anyone else jumping into rapping because they think it’s an easy feat? We’re sure “Deserve” would pass a Rate the Bars episode with at least a 3.1 by Nitty Scott if she didn’t notice it was from Chyna.

After all, there are over two dozen songs in the music sphere bearing her name or are in reference to her. We’ve already allowed the lil’s to thrive, we can allow Chyna to give it a go.

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