High School Teacher Charged With Child Abuse After Punching Student


A black high school teacher faces suspicion of child abuse charges after footage showed him physically assaulting a white student. According to reports, 64-year-old Marston Riley began hitting the pupil after he reportedly cursed at him and repeatedly called him the N-word.

According to CBS News, the exchange began after the music teacher informed the 14-year-old student he was not wearing clothes in proper dress code. In a video posted on youtube, you can hear the student yell out ” You got me f**ked up N***a.”

Riley who attempts to get control of the situation walks away from the enraged student after being hit with a basketball. The two-minute clip shows the instructor eventually react to the racial comments and physical violence that results in a fight.


Parents who were alerted to the fight were upset. “I think something needs to be done. That’s way out of hand,” one parent told the station.

A GoFundMe page has since been created by supporters of the teacher to help pay his legal fees.

The abuse Riley endured is reportedly not the first time he has been verbally or physically accosted by students.

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