Da Band Is Reuniting For A Special Show In Philly


The return of groups like Danity Kane and The Black Eyed Peas are doing a number on our nostalgic hearts. We can now add Da Band to the list after E. Ness hinted towards a reunion this month.

During a candid conversation with Battle Rap Trap on Monday (Nov. 5), E. Ness shared how his upcoming show in Philadelphia will serve as a reunion for Da Band. “We’re doing a reunion in Philly man, 4948 N. Broad St. November 17 at the Penthouse man,” he said. “The whole group is gonna be there. We’re gonna turn up, it’s gonna be a movie.”

Formed by Diddy in 2002, the group consisting of E.Ness, Baps, Dylan, Freddie, Chopper “Young City” and Sara Stokes came to be after the mogul’s MTV series Making The Band. Their singles “Bad Boy This, Bad Boy That” and “Tonight” landed on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, respectively. Their debut album Too Hot for TV went gold, but group dissolved after the show’s third season.

They’ve found their way to pop culture status thanks to the show along with a very hilarious parody by Dave Chappelle.

The other group members haven’t publically commented on the reunion.

Relive Da Band’s greatest hits (not the physical ones) below.

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