Daniel Caesar And The Free Nationals Tackle Lust Artfully In “Beauty & Essex”


The Free Nationals are coming through with the visual and audible treats for their fans. Last month (Oct. 9), they shared their new single “Beauty & Essex” with singer-songwriter Daniel Caesar and collective Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Today (Nov. 8), the official video for the sultry song has freed up, and let’s just say that it’s got plenty of art and color to go around.

Daniel, the four-person band and a handful of elaborately wrapped women (some in bubble wrap, some in balloons, and one in Caesars own arms) trade spaces in front of pink, yellow, blue and purple backgrounds as the artists sing about their longing for love. “I’m lonely, you’re lonely too/Girl I think you know exactly what you done to me/I wanna be alone with you/Just can’t let it go, girl, your love is so comforting,” the Freudian singer woos first.

While he is emoting and interacting with the different women and their intricate wardrobe situations, The Free Nationals sing and play their instruments behind the wall of a blowing sheet of plastic. For an added twist, their friend, frequent collaborator and Malibu World Tour-mate Anderson .Paak (who is releasing his own Oxnard album on Nov. 16) even made a cameo appearance in the video.

We’re looking forward to more releases like these. Press play on “Beauty & Essex” up top.

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