Derrick Rose Swells With Emotion After Scoring 50 Points


After an NBA career that has hit the highs of the highs and the lows of the lows, Derrick Rose stepped onto the court in rare form when he scored 50 points against the Utah Jazz (128-125). The momentous occasion (Oct. 31), was met with tears and emotion from his Minnesota Timberwolves teammates and other athletes throughout the league.

ESPN notes that Rose’s PPG average is now 18.8, which means the former Chicago Bull has been foreign to that figure since the 2011-12 NBA season. That point marked the time he ruptured his ACL. In a previous interview with The Undefeated, Rose mentioned that he’s now in a comfortable space despite his past injuries.

“I am just rolling with the punches,” Rose said. “I know the hard work I put into everything. So, while I’m there, I am taking the role of being a leader to these young guys, being an example and maintaining my happiness.”

Per ESPN, LeBron James sang the 30-year-old’s praises and said his actions will influence younger NBA fans.

“To have the battles and battles with his injuries, to be able to come back…for him to set a career high tonight in a win in Minnesota, I think that’s unbelievable,” he said. “I think every kid, you don’t even have to play sports — any kid that’s going through anything in life about adversity and triumph and trying to just get over the hump, you can look at that performance by Derrick Rose tonight.”

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