French Montana Believes He Could Have Saved Mac Miller


During an upcoming episode of BET’s Raq Rants, French Montana said he believes that if he was with Mac Miller during the fateful night of his unexpected death, he would have been able to save him.

“Honestly I think Mac Miller was doing the same thing every other artist was doing out there,” French said, later stating that the people around the rapper, who died in September 2018 of an accidental drug overdose, were enabling him to do what he wanted.

He also referenced a 2016 Fader documentary clip, in which he, Miller and Chinx Drugz discuss lean. In the clip, French tells Mac not to drink lean.

“Listen to me, I’m your brother,” he says in the clip when referencing the lean. “This right here, you’re going to miss a couple of shows.”

“If you saw the video that me and him did, I was like, ‘Yo bro, you’re overdoing it’, but that was him way before,” French tells the host in the present-day clip. “Sometimes, if people don’t have people to keep them grounded, it could go left.”

Later, he says that if he was still in that “big brother” role, there’s a chance Mac would still be alive today because someone would have kept him clean.

“I just feel like [the people around him] let him get away with whatever he [chose] to do,” he continues. “I have people like if I do something like that, like how I was to him, like a big brother, ‘bro like you bugging out,’ he didn’t have that around him. If I did it that night, If I was around him a couple more nights, I would have made him stop, but he ain’t have nobody that was doing that.”

Watch the clip above.

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