Gabrielle Union To Produce And Star In ‘The Perfect Find’ Rom-Com

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Gabrielle Union has been tapped to produce and star in upcoming romantic comedy The Perfect Find, reports The Hollywood Reporter. Financed through Stuart Ford’s AGC Studios, the film is based on Tia Williams’ best-selling book of the same title. Adapted by Leigh Davenport, The Perfect Find will follow Jenna Jones (Union’s character) in her toil to find a fresh start in the catty world of beauty journalism.

With the stakes high, Jones is forced to take a position at a job where her boss, Darcy, is also her frenemy. Balancing the constant tug-of-war between keeping up with her younger co-workers and keeping her boss happy, Jones life finally begins to turn around when she starts relationship with the company’s new videographer–until she learns that the new videographer is also Darcy’s son.

Scheduled to shoot in 2019, the project will be produced by Union’s I’ll Have Another production company with the aid of Jeff Morrone, Tommy Oliver and Codie Elaine Oliver.

Earlier this year, Union starred in action thriller Breaking In, which follows a mother who is forced to tap into her motherly instinct and protect her children from home invaders. “I think for all caregivers, we do heroic stuff every day, we just don’t get credit for it” Union told Entertainment Tonight in light of the film’s premiere. “And especially moms, you know, they get celebrated one day out of the year, but they are moving heaven and earth for their kids, and I can’t imagine, when your kids’ lives are on the line, what a mom would do.”

Congrats to Union on the new endeavor.

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