Gerard Butler Talks ‘Hunter Killer’ And His Philosophy On Achieving Success

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Hunter Killer follows Gerard Butler as Navy officer Joe Glass, who’s on a mission to investigate a sinking Russian submarine in the Barents Sea. In the midst of his heroic voyage, a political conundrum erupts when Russian president (Alexander Diachenko)  is being held captive by his defense team. While riding on the USS Arkansas, the submarine Butler captains, he is on the hunt to save the president.

Back at home in The Pentagon, Rear Admiral John Fisk (Common) orders the U.S. Navy Seals to save the president and place him inside the Arkansas. Directed by Donovan Marsh, the film features an array sequence of high action packed scenes.

Hunter Killer feels like it’s more about the mission than the actual story line. There are more highflying stunts than words here. For Butler, this philosophy can pertain to his own life; as sometimes actions can speak louder than words when trying to achieve something. His key to success in the entertainment industry, as he puts it, is:

“Having discipline, and making sure you’re doing the right thing everyday to at least give yourself a chance,” he tells VIBE. ”And be in accordance to what you want to be doing. In my life the worst times I’ve had are when I’m not really following my heart. It just leads to confusion and resentment.”

While making the film, he learned about the intricacies in the military when it comes to its machinery. “I learned about Subs and the strategies between the navies,” he said. “It was interesting how much was classified even though they would tell us ‘we can’t tell you what this sub really does.’

VIBE caught up with Butler on a rainy day in New York City on the press day for Hunter Killer. Watch the full interview above.

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