Racist Trolls Threatening Don Lemon Will Not Be Prosecuted


A racist troll that sent Don Lemon threatening messages on social media will not face prosecution.

According to TMZ, law enforcement won’t press charges against the man who sent verbally abusive tweets to the CNN host because the resources it would take to charge him, along with the potential trial would only result in a year behind bars.

The self-proclaimed white nationalist and Trump supporter tweeted several messages to Lemon, including “F*** you n***a can’t wait to stab your neck.” Yet despite the violent remarks, the charges if filed would only amount to misdemeanor harassment.

Lemon, who’s now under fire for calling white men a terror threat while on the air, went to authorities in October 2017 to report some of the messages the man sent him on social media including this tweet: “U r a pile of rotting dogsh*t, racist, communist, socialist, liberal moron a**hole. I will find you. You will pay. I’ll see you real soon.”

Reportedly prosecutors reached out to Lemon to inform them of their decision to not pursue charges against the man, and Lemon was cordial about the decision.

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