Remy Ma Catches Heat For R. Kelly Comments

The rapper is being criticized for seemigly defending Kellz during an episode of 'State of the Culture.'

The internet is turning up the heat on Remy Ma for her comments about R. Kelly’s history of sexual abuse allegations, and the forthcoming Lifetime documentary series that delves into reports that the singer runs a sex cult.

The topic came up during Monday's (Oct. 29) episode of State of the Culture with Joe Budden, Scottie Beam, and Jinx. During the segment, Budden argued that Kelly was an abuse victim who suffers from a "sickness", which opened a discussion on whether he deserves redemption.

Beam brought up the “aunties” who continue to support Kelly in spite of the allegations, Budden countered by pointing out that Kelly’s career is starting to take a financial hit.

Remy pointed out that the Grammy winner was acquitted of wrongdoing. “He went to trial for it before. We had video of him getting intimate with an underage girl. We have another video where -- I don’t think she was underaged but he was all in her,” she said adding, “Most rapists don’t eat your a**. It was just crazy.. I’m like 'ok, so you get acquitted but you still get banished?”

The conversation got murkier from there. Jinx pointed to the sex cult allegations, Remy diverted the conversation to the family’s of the women who claimed that the Chicago singer had been holding them hostage under the guise of advancing their careers.

“When I first heard [the story], it wasn’t like the women complained. It was the mother of the women or a family member,” Remy explained. “It’s so weird where we live in a world that women and men do some sick s**t and they be wit’ it. If you’re daughter is 14,15,16, 17, and she wants to f**k a guy that’s’re fighting against it.”

“I’m not saying that he’s right,” she said before mentioning reports of Kelly being illiterate. The Bronx native went on to question how the current “climate” plays into the influx of sexual allegations circulating in the news. Jinx noted that the allegations against Kelly predates the #MeToo movement.

Throughout the discussion, Remy reiterated that she wasn’t picking a "side" in the matter, and the show's director reportedly denied that she defended Kelly.

But the internet appears to disagree.

Check above for the full SOTC discussion.

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