Rock Star Who T.I. Saved From 2006 Accident Speaks Out


Rock musician Scott Stapp is speaking out about being saved from an accident by rapper T.I.

The former frontman of Creed spoke to TMZ about the incident, which reportedly occurred in 2006. Stapp was reportedly profusely bleeding on the balcony of the Delano Hotel in Miami, and T.I. stepped in to help him. T.I. has claimed that he prevented Stapp from a suicide attempt, however, Stapp is refuting that statement.

“That’s not accurate,” the musician told the cameraman. “I had an accident and I was injured, and he found me injured, and he called an ambulance.”

In a recent GQ interview, the Trouble Man talked about the incident how he recalls it. He was smoking on the balcony when he heard “moaning.” He saw Stapp bleeding with a possibly broken leg, and tried to calm him down before calling the ambulance.

“…[Stapp] told us the story about how he thought his girlfriend was cheating on him with his best friend,” T.I. said in the interview. “He tried to jump from 14 – and I think we were probably the sixth floor, something like that. And he was trying to continue to jump. And we was like, ‘No, no, no. Don’t do that.'”

However, Stapp is singing a different tune, stating that he was not suicidal. However, he praises T.I. for being there to help him.

“He definitely was critical in getting me the help that I needed after I was injured,” he continued. “We briefly spoke and gave each other a hug [after the accident]. He’s a good dude, man.”

When asked about if T.I. could be an instrumental person in the future of our world, Stapp said there were endless possibilities with the Atlanta musician.

“You know what, man? He seems to be at the right place at the right time, he’s got a good heart, man, and he does good things…” Stapp concluded. “T.I. love you brother, man. Hope to hook up soon.”

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