Snoop Dogg Confirms Lee Daniels And Ryan Coogler Are On Board With His Biopic

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The world deserves a Snoop Dogg biopic. After all, there are probably so many stories that haven’t been told yet. Fortunately for fans, that biopic may be coming after all. In a recent interview with Washington D.C. radio station 102.3 FM, Snoop revealed that he has been working on his own biopic, and he’s recruited some major, Hollywood heavyweights to get the job done.

According to Snoop, both Lee Daniels and Ryan Coogler are on board with the project. “I already got with somebody. I don’t even want to expose the names like that but I got some big wigs connected to it, some wigs. It’s like some wiggathons,” he said reluctantly, before dropping their names. “If I said these names, I mean these are some real wiggathons. So you want me to tell you their names? In conjunction with Lee Daniels and Ryan Coogler.”

While nothing has been finalized as of yet, the Doggfather already has an idea of how he wants it to look. “I’m thinking more along the lines of when you watch great shows like Narcos on Netflix,” he described. “You know, how like Narcos went from Escobar to Cali cartel, now it’s about to go to Mexico. I’m thinking like a Snoop Dogg biopic.”

Snoop has been portrayed in a number of major biopics including Tupac’s All Eyez on Me and N.W.A.’s Straight Outta Compton. Soon enough, we’ll be able to the story from his point of view. Let’s hope this biopic jumps into production soon.

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