Vince Staples On Mac Miller: ‘The Good Ones Always Die’


The music world is still trying to process the loss of Mac Miller. The 26-year-old died in September from an accidental drug overdose in his home. One of his friends and musical comrades Vince Staples has been vocal about processing his grief over the loss of the Swimming musician.

During a visit to L.A. radio show Big Boy’s Neighborhood, Staples was candid about Miller striving to get better with his drug demons.

“He was trying,” he said. “All you can ask for is for somebody to try. You can’t always win, you know?”

When asked by the radio host if he ever envisioned his friend dying, Staples said he never saw this coming.

“Nah, I never seen him dying,” he continued. “He was too happy. But to be honest, the good ones always die. So it makes sense in retrospect, but I was never worried about him. I was worried about him, but never, like, to that extreme.”

Big Boy also noted that a recurring theme in Miller memorials is that he possessed an unshakeable happiness, and that nothing ever seemed to get him down. Staples agreed, and noted that the people who need to hear that the most are members of Mac’s family.

“he wan’t that kind of person [sad]. He was bright,” he said. “As far as all them people, it’s all good. I appreciate what they say but, I need them to say that to his momma. And say that to his family, and check on them. That’s what I care about.”

Listen to his comments below.

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