Tiny’s Daughter, Zonnique, Seems To Regret Eye Color Procedure


Regret is a real thing, and it’s something that Zonnique Pullins, Tameka “Tiny” Harris’ daughter, might be feeling 10-fold. In 2014, Pullins and her mother stunned the masses when they came back from a trip to Tunisia with icy blue eyes instead of their naturally brown pair. They had undergone a minor and seemingly safe procedure to “permanently” change their eye colors.

However, even though Tiny is still going strong with her implants, Zonnique has already walked it back. Photos in recent months have shown the 22-year-old with one blue eye and one brown eye, hinting at her officially starting the reversal process.


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Underneath an even more recent Instagram picture (in which both of her eyes are brown again) a curious fan dropped a question about her eye surgery in the comments section.

“Is the eye color change worth it???” Bossip reports a user named @NaomiSunda asked. “Thinking of going to Kenya and getting it. I have done my research but it will help if u can tell me your experience.” Pullins answered honestly, encouraging the commenter to do away with that plan. “I’ve never liked to recommend anyone to do it,” she answered, clarifying that she actually went to Tunisia for the procedure. “I can say that the experience wasn’t the best in the long term but everyone is different.”

Elsewhere on a recent episode of T.I. & Tiny: The Friends & Family Hustle, she went a little further in revealing the possible damage done by the “harmless” eye surgery. “My eye started bothering me, the doctor told me that ‘you could possibly go blind,’” she told her grandmother.


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Here’s to hoping all is well now.

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