Tiffany Evans Returns With "Switch Up" Video

Tiffany Evans delivers all the grooves. 

Since returning to music with her highly-regarded single "Switch Up." Tiffany Evans is doing things her way in the leading single's new video.

Released on Jan. 7, the Evans-directed clip opens with the 26-year-old working at an Atlanta coffee shop. After acting lazily on the job, she gets caught by her manager, played by Wild N' Out's Karlous Miller, who catches other employees slacking off. Fired for her presumably poor work ethic, the video takes an unexpected turn.

Accompanied by four talented dancers, the "Promise Ring" singer busts a move to remember, popping, locking, and dropping to the high energy track dedicated to a woman's worth. Choreographed by Anthony Marques, the singer/songwriter takes the video by storm, conquering various locations in the south while singing her heart out.

"Hol' up/ What's poppin'/Can we roll up/In the lobby/F**k it, I just wanna get lit/
On some real sh*t/Lemme show you how I switch up on em' real quick," she sings as the music video switches between clips of Evans enjoying her freedom.

When the track comes to an end, the sultry tones of smooth R&B flood the scene as snippets of Evans and her love interest takeover before the lingering message of "To Be Continued" closes out the video.

Watch Tiffany Evans' "Switch Up" video above.

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Video Premiere: Steff Reed Takes A "Stand" In Self-Awareness And Strength In Unity

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Fast forward to now, and Steff Reed is releasing his newest video for the song, "Stand" off his The Power of Love Experience EP. Being one to have worked with the best in the music biz, Reed has songwriting and production credits with Swizz Beatz, Jhene Aiko and so many more that have shaped his acute style of free spirit and socially ground sounds.

"Stand inspired me to express resistance in a very symbolic way," says Reed. "I wanted to show that even though we all have our own personal battles we are stronger when we are united and we should fight in the war together." Strong words from a gentle and loving soul. Watch the video, then listen to the EP below.

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Check the artfully shot video and give the track some spins, along with Saint Jhn's dope album. Some dreams do come true.

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