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'Boomerang' Episode 4 Recap: Call A Spade

The men of BET's series are noticeably absent, but viewers are allowed to get a better understanding of the ladies.

In episode 4, Simone enlists a few ladies on a mission to pick up her God-sister, Tay Tay (Dreezy) from the drunk tank except there’s one problem: It’s a colossal waste of time. A frantic phone call from her purple lace-front wearing family member has Simone flying out the door with no money and no plan. Downstairs, Tia is boo’d up with a girlfriend who is convinced Simone puts the “B” in bougie. The three head out in Tia’s bae’s hoopty to pick up Crystal, who could use the company seeing as how it’s the one year anniversary since she finalized her divorce from David.

The two-hour drive reveals that aside from the fact that Simone is grossly uneducated on the black movies front, Tia’s bae isn’t feeling how her girlfriend’s brand is being delivered. Sure, Simone is able to get Tia more likes and visibility but that overly-sexy image isn’t Tia and that is clearly a problem for her girlfriend. After reaching the holding center, the girls are annoyed to find out that the police released Tay Tay into the custody of the same man who got her arrested in the first place, DeVante. The group's consensus on him? Trash.  A quick look at her Instagram shows that not only did sis leave lockup not too long ago, but she’s turning up at a house party with zero cares in the world.

Simone feels guilty on this particular day because exactly one year ago, she knew her best friend Crystal didn’t want to get married and she allowed her to go through with it anyway. Through her own admittance, Crystal never quite knew what she wanted to be growing up so settling to be a wife seemed like the best option. In actuality, there was nothing Simone could’ve done differently on Crystal’s wedding day. Support was all Crystal needed and Simone provided that. Besides, Simone stopping the wedding would’ve caused way bigger problems.

Remember how I said DeVante was trash? Well, in typical Hefty Bag fashion, he DMs some girl while Tay Tay is out on a munchie run. The two get into a screaming match, so before things get too crazy, Simone decides it’s time to go.

In an effort to stop Tay Tay from leaving, DeVante comes out of his face to disrespect her and her friends but Tia’s boo is not having that. She may not be the type of lesbian who knows how to fix cars but she is definitely the type to chin-check a disrespectful mofo, tuh! The night wasn’t a total bust, though. Tia and her girlfriend did get to sweep some men in spades and Crystal was able to have a deep convo with a handsome athlete — one that ends in a juicy little kiss. David who? I’m no expert, but a house-party diversion was exactly what Crystal needed and once again, Simone proves to be a good friend.

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Jennifer Lopez Was Pleasantly Surprised By Keke Palmer's Performance In 'Hustlers'

The all-star cast of the upcoming film Hustlers features plenty of heavy hitters, but it seems Keke Palmer shines the brightest.

Speaking with Billboard last week, Jennifer Lopez dished about what fans can expect in her upcoming film. The all-female led feature was inspired in by "The Hustlers at Scores", a New York magazine article about a real-life group of former exotic dancers who teamed up to overthrow their Wall Street clientele.

While Lopez got tips from visits to the strip club and chats with Cardi B, she enjoyed Palmer's gift of improvisation. "She was great at improv, and not everybody has that knack, you know what I mean?," she said. "But they were all great. I expected Cardi to be good, I expected Lizzo to be good, but I didn't know enough about Keke. I had seen her audition tape. I did a little bit of research on her when they were thinking [about her role]. We went through so many people for that part, so many people."

Palmer kicked off her acting career at the tender age of 9, with leads in films like Akeela & The Bee, Jump In! and starred in her own series True Jackson, VP on Nickelodeon from 2008 to 2011. She's also stolen scenes in Ryan Murphy's Scream Queens and the live rendition of Grease. But it was her bubbly personality that caught Lopez's (who executively produced the film) eye.

"When I saw her -- I had watched a couple of interviews of her and stuff like that -- I was like, 'This girl has something. She has personality,'" she said. "And she was awesome. We had fun from the first scene. I was like, 'OK. We're gon' have fun!'"

Lopez recently shared with Entertainment Tonight some of her biggest challenges in the film like pole dancing.

"Learning pole dancing was probably one of the most challenging things I've ever done for a film," Lopez said. "But it was worth it. I love this character. I love this story. It's a really gritty New York story with women at the forefront -- the thing actresses dream of -- and to be able to produce it and star in it was very special."

Hustlers opens in theaters Sept. 13. Check out the trailer below.

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Marvel Announces Mahershala Ali Will Take The Screen As The Next 'Blade'

Over the weekend, as the East Coast was beating the heat, comic enthusiasts gathered in San Diego for Comic-Con 2019. On Saturday (July 20), Marvel Studios got movie-goers amped in standard form by announcing their slate of movie releases for the next few years, but threw an added surprise in the mix. Not only is the studio delivering a new version of Blade, but it will be fronted by none other than Mahershala Ali. The accomplished actor, who took home Oscars for both Moonlight and Greenbook, was on-hand to celebrate the moment.

There’s just one more thing... #SDCC

— Dustin Sandoval @ #SDCC (@DustinMSandoval) July 21, 2019



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Just announced in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Studios’ BLADE with Mahershala Ali. #SDCC

A post shared by Marvel Studios (@marvelstudios) on Jul 20, 2019 at 6:43pm PDT

After the triumph of Black Panther and a host of other inclusive super hero movies in the last couple years, Ali carrying the torch after Wesley Snipes immortalized the role is a win.

The Comic Con celebrations didn't stop there. Other major Marvel titles announced starring some of our faves included Eternals in 2020 (Brian Tyree Henry), Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings in 2021 (Awkwafina), THOR: Love and Thunder in 2021 (Tessa Thompson), Black Widow in 2020, and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in 2021 in theaters, and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in 2020 (Anthony Mackie), WANDAVISION in 2021 (Teyonah Parris), WHAT IF...? in 2021 (Jeffrey Wright), Hawkeye in 2021, and LOKI in 2021 for their Disney+ streaming service.

No release date for Blade has been announced.

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Netflix Releases 'Dear White People' Season 3 Trailer

Loose ends are finally tied, while other storylines and character arcs are more defined in the third season of Netflix's Dear White People. The Justin Simien comedy released its trailer Friday (July 19).

Shadow And Act report a few scenes that season three will deliver includes Sam (Logan Browning) parting ways with her radio show, Troy (Brandon Bell) experiencing a parody or pastiche, and Lionel (DeRon Horton) continuing to live in his identity.

The campus' secret society, The Order of X, also reappears after being discovered in season 2 by Sam and Lionel. Depicting a lighter and easing going tone is a shift from the gloom and murk from previous seasons while still giving a satirical sense of style. As the series moves through its characters dealing with microaggressions and evident racism at Winchester University, the script addresses a range of controversial issues.

Yvette Nicole Brown (Avengers: Endgame), Blair Underwood (When They See Us), Laverne Cox (Orange Is the New Black), and the show's creator Simien are set to make guest appearances throughout the season, according to IndieWire. 

Season 3 will premiere on Aug. 2.

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