Four Dead In Chicago Shooting
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Chicago Police Falsely Raid Four-Year-Old's Birthday Party

“To hear her say that, to worry about her or her brother getting shot by someone that is supposed to protect and serve them, it's terrifying,”

Chicago authorities falsely raided a four-year-old’s birthday party in search of a 46-year-old man suspected of possessing ecstasy, The Chicago Tribune reports. Officers reportedly used excessive force when raiding the home in the city’s Gresham neighborhood.

The incident occurred in February on the 7700 block of South Paulina Street. The child's mother, Stephanie Bures, claims more than a dozen officers infiltrated the house and destroyed everything. There were reportedly 15 people in the home when the raid happened including four young children. At their attempt of finding the man they were looking for, they received the wrong address. Reportedly, the man lived at the residence five years ago.

The young boy’s seven-year-old sister was scared the police would shoot her, her little brother and others. “To hear her say that, to worry about her or her brother getting shot by someone that is supposed to protect and serve them, it's terrifying,” Bures said at a recent press conference. “It's horrible.”

According to the family’s attorney, Al Hofeld Jr., authorities ravaged the birthday party, smashed the cake, handcuffed some of the adults in front of the children (even if the adults reportedly cooperated with the police), and poured hydrogen peroxide on the child’s presents.

“It was a cruel, dehumanizing joke that mocked and symbolized a four-year-old’s ruined birthday party,” Hofeld said. The officers left without finding any illegal substances or arresting anyone. At the end of their tirade, the law enforcement officials placed their search warrant on top of a table, the suit states.

The lawsuit also states that the man they were looking for—Philip C. Baylis—has “no connection” to the address, The Washington Post reports. “He does not receive mail or store belongings there. He does not have a key. As a distant relative, he occasionally visits. He was not present at TJ’s birthday party on February 10, 2019, and had not been invited,” the lawsuit reads.

Because of the horrific incident, Bures says her son is scared of going to school and his sister wakes up shaking from nightmares.“She don’t know if they gonna attack her, shoot her or help her,” Bures said. “It shouldn’t be like that.”

The Chicago Police Department has a reputation for raiding the wrong homes. In June, the city settled a $2.5 million dollar lawsuit for raiding the wrong address, in which a three-year-old girl suffered from PTSD for having a gun pointed at her.

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Muhammed Selim Korkutata

Alabama Deputy On Leave After Comments About Gay Teen's Suicide

An Alabama deputy has been placed on leave after making insensitive comments on social media about a teen who committed suicide after allegedly being bullied for his sexual orientation.

According to reports, the officer has been with the Madison County Sheriff's Office in Huntsville for 12 years and sparked backlash for referring to LGBTQ qualms as "a fake movement which requires no special attention but by persons with an altered ego and fake agenda."

"Liberty. Guns. Bible. Trump. BBQ. That’s my kind of LGBTQ. I’m seriously offended that there is such a thing such as this movement," the deputy allegedly wrote in a Facebook post. "Society cannot and should not accept this behavior. I have a right to be offended and will always be offended by this fake movement which requires no special attention but by persons with an altered ego and fake agenda.”

The law enforcement officer defended his statement as freedom of speech before it was taken down. It was made in reference to 15-year-old Nigel Shelby who took his own life Thursday (April 18) after being bullied for being gay.

In a statement, Monday, the Madison County Sheriff's Office revealed a deputy had been placed on leave, while Local sheriff Kevin Turner offered kind words to the friends and family of Nigel Shelby.

Turner said: “Bullying of any group or person in or outside of schools is unacceptable, and I welcome any and all efforts to raise awareness to bullying and bring bullying to a stop. The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is proud of the community support and engagement we have received over the years, and we look forward to growing those community partnerships.”


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Jay-Z's Foundation Is Helping Kids Visit Black Colleges

With accepted students days happening on college campuses across the country, the timing of Jay-Z's foundation's newest endeavor is right on the money. The Shawn Carter Foundation is teaming up with Toyota to launch an HBCU college tour for prospective students.

The week-long tour will take selected high-achieving students to visit 11 historically black colleges and universities located along the East Coast from Washington, D.C. to Atlanta, Georgia. While on this tour, selected students will be able to meet with college admissions counselors as well as former Shawn Carter Foundation scholars. Over 125 schools in the New York/New Jersey area have been invited to take part in some of the college prep workshops that will lead up to the tour. Then in September, administrator-selected students will tap into weekend ACT/SAT prep sessions that also touch on resume skills and dressing for success.

Jay-Z's mother Gloria Carter, 93.9 WKYS radio personality Angie Ange and Creative Writing M.F.A. Candidate Candice Wong (the latter two of whom are Howard University alumni) will kick off the 2019 Shawn Carter Foundation College Bus Tour on Howard's campus this week.

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Russell Wilson Buys Amazon Stock For Select Teammates

Russell Wilson recently made history as the National Football League's (NFL) highest paid player. To celebrate this wealth, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback purchased Amazon stock worth $12,000 apiece for 13 of the team's offensive linesmen, TMZ reports.

The premise behind the gesture is to help set the players on a lucrative path post-NFL. "We all have dreams of what we can build and accomplish off the field," he wrote in a memo. "One important lesson I have learned thus far in my career: The memories on the field will last forever, but we have to constantly prepare for life after football."

In the letter that was sent to his teammates, Wilson said he was indecisive on what to give them as a sign of his appreciation for their protection on the field. "Some were flashy, some were cool, but I wanted to give you something that had a lasting impact," he said. "Something that would affect the lives of you, your family, and your children." According to CNBC, each linesmen's stock could be worth $270,000 in the next 10 years if Amazon's shares continue to result in a return of 2,200 percent.

Earlier this month, Wilson signed a $140 million contract. He'll suit up with the Seahawks for the next four years. The re-signing follows a previous four-year agreement the 30-year-old athlete made with the team.


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SEATTLE. Let’s get it. @Seahawks #GoHawks

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