Premiere: Tommie of 'Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta' Calls On Anthony Hamilton For 'Truth' Music Video

"With every trial is a testimony!" Tommie told VIBE about her new video with Anthony Hamilton. "Here is mine."

"With every trial is a testimony!" Tommie tells VIBE. "Here is mine."

With that, the The Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta star drops her new music video for "Truth." The song sees her recounting a lifetime of struggles - sexual assault, birthing her child in jail, homelessness, and more, while a soulful Anthony Hamilton sings a hook that congratulates her for how far she's come. The video, directed by illHD and Tommie herself, splits between its own storyline and vintage footage of her life.

“This is/was my real life! Beyond the lights. I wanted to share with the people the back story, my whole truth," Tommie said. "In doing so I hope to motivate others struggling with their truth to not be afraid and be inspired to not give up!”

Watch the video for Tommie and Anthony Hamilton's "Truth" above.

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Eve/ Orienter

Eve Releases New Song "Reload" Featuring Jamaican Artist Konshens

Legendary rapper Eve is back with a new dancehall tinged track about female empowerment and staying clear of a dude that has mistreated her. The Philly native and Ruff Ryders first lady is spitting bars of strength on “Reload,” which features reggae artist Konshens.

"I love reggae so much. I've been going to Jamaica since 1999 and anyone that knows me knows that you'll find me in a corner with my reggae on, dancing,” Eve stated of the collaboration in a press release. “We wrote the line before [Konshens] was involved ['fucking up my conscience/listening to Konshens'] - I'm just glad he was feeling it!"

It's been nearly six years since Eve has released any new music. For the most part, she's been living in the U.K with her husband, Maximillion Cooper. Yet amid her seemingly lavish life style across the pond, she's revealed her past struggles with addiction and mental health while hosting an episode The Talk, while the ladies were discussing an episode of  Jada Pinkett's Smith, Red Table Talk, in which Willow revealed she cut herself upon landing major success in music.

"I was out of a toxic relationship, I didn’t have a TV show, I didn’t have a record deal. I was just kinda like, what is happening with my life," Eve said. "So I started drinking, a lot. I started drinking, and drinking, and drinking because I didn’t want to deal with my emotions. I didn’t have anybody to really talk to. I was even popping Xanax and drinking to numb my pain."

Now, those days are apparently over, and we're glad to see the rapper hit the studio. Listen to "Reload" below.

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Premiere: PineappleCiti Serves Up 'Sauce' In Fun, Dance-Ready Music Video

PineappleCiti serves up some "Sauce" in the new music video for the standout from her latest album neonBLUE.

The fun, carefree visual sees the New Jersey artist pairing her catchy single with choreography, a dance-off at a strip mall, and a hilarious character switch with PineappleCiti as a grumpy grandma.

“I really had a lot of fun working on this set. I wanted to incorporate the Jersey dancing scene as much as possible so it was great shooting the 'Sauce' video all over my home state," PineappleCiti told VIBE. "Playing the grandma was a crazy experience. The director and I felt like nobody could play the role better than me so we decided to spice it up and do something I’ve never done before."

Coordinating the choreography is a big personal accomplishment for PineappleCiti as well. "I hope everyone peeps my dance moves in the video. For two years I couldn’t walk, so it’s dope to say I created my own choreography."

PineappleCiti encourages fans to join in on the #saucechallenge by recreating the dance from the video and posting it on social media. They can also purchase or stream the album neonBLUE on digital platforms.

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Courtesy of Jazzy Amra

Premiere: Jazzy Amra's "Single Single" Is A Gentle Reminder Of Liberated Self-Love

Some of the biggest misconceptions about single women have been slashed thanks to Jazzy Amra's poignant new musical offering, "Single Single."

The Bronx songbird flexes her best nayhoos with lyrical gems about refusing to settle for anything less than the best. What makes the track so addicting is her subtle but demanding message about self-love while enjoying the thrills in life like chasing her dreams, enjoying a cup of yak or two and understanding her self-worth.

"Some misconceptions behind single women of color are that we’re single because we lack something or couldn’t hold the relationship up because of our perceived attitude," she tells VIBE about creating "Single, Single." "Most of the time we’re single because we want to be and nothing more."

Fateful truths also dropped in Jazzy's lap after a breakup. "The biggest lesson I learned about myself while being single is that life is not over after a breakup," she said. "I honestly thought I wouldn’t be the same but it was the total opposite. I think I became a better person being alone."

A protege of Wyclef Jean, Jazzy's music is more than self-reflective. The single-songwriter has presented her many layers in good form, leading to big co-signs from Pharrell Williams and performances on NPR's Tiny Desk and the Steve Harvey Show. Earlier this year, the Bronx native dropped her self-titled EP, Amra.


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The 🐐himself @pharrell 🙌🏽 #EssenceFestival

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"Single, Single" has the makings of blissful R&B hit with it's ode to self-love. As for a remix? Jazzy is looking to drive to boat with a Houston hot girl. "I would have to go with Megan Thee Stallion [for the remix,]" she said. "She’s a hot girl and is about women doing their thing independently."

Stream the catchy "Single Single" below.

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