Nicki Minaj's 'Megatron Challenge' Brings Out Impressive Freestyles From Yung Baby Tate, Lady Luck And More

Sometimes the internet surprises us in the best ways possible. With Nicki Minaj's latest single "Megatron" heating up the summer, the entertainer has taken things up a notch with the #MegatronChallenge, a possible spot on her new label and a few coins as well.

The rapper shared news of the #MegatronChallenge over the holiday weekend with a promise of $10,000 for the winner, $5,000 for the runner up and a nice stack for third place. The challenge is simple– for artists, perform a freestyle over the "Megatron" instrumental and if for dancers, feel free to dance to the track solo or in a group.

Participants quickly dropped their videos over Twitter and Instagram. While some dropped traditional freestyles, others flipped the beat and made the song their own.

That approach brought out some of the best which included indie darling Yung Baby Tate, underground legend Lady Luck as well as fresh verses from rising acts like Lilo Morton and Omerettà The Great.

The challenge, which officially kicked off Saturday (July 5) will run through July 27. In addition to a visit from Nicki herself, the artist also hinted at a possible spot on her label. Several moons ago, Nicki shared details about creating her own label previously known as Pink Friday Records. She reportedly signed UK singer-songwriter Parker who has worked with the likes of Rihanna, Quincy Jones, and G-Eazy.

While we're not sure of the label spot, we are hooked on these freestyles.

Check out some of our favorites below.


1. Lady Luck (New Jersey)

2. Yung Baby Tate (Decatur, Georgia)

3. Lilo Morton (Brooklyn, New York)


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#megatronchallenge @djboof @theshaderoom @nickiminaj BRATATATOT, yeah I’m back . Ponytail sleek, and all my bitches ass fat. Keep your nigga off me cause i aint txting back. Cause i aint texting back Bitch im feeling saucy & i aint having nat Move back sis. These bitches can read me, she gotta use her brain. There bitches can’t see me, she got to use a cane. What the fuck was she thinking. It’s better when I’m drinking. He’s busting quick man, like quicksand, got a Niggas sinking Feel up, aint nobody realer. Pussy slimey Got him diving like a navy seal huh? Bod gyal when mi wine it str8 to the dealer I mean dealership, All my bad boss bitches feeing this. So grab ya drink or whatever and never let a broke bum get a link or whatever. And only bumbs eat crumbs. I keep the soup & the cheddar And if ya bitch wanna fight Tell that nigga go get her I know she tryna meet her match, Now her match has met her Thats a fact, no BRATATATOT you will get clapped! Pls share and repost let me know if you want the high quality video to post on your page please tag @milanchristopher & @zellswag 😭❤️❤️❤️ TAGGGG @kyle.anfernee PLEASEEEE!!!!

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4. Neika (Atlanta, GA)

5. Tokyo Jetz (Atlanta, Georgia)

6. Omerettà The Great (Atlanta, Georgia)


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Tried the #megatronchallenge 🤮 or 🔥🔥 @nickiminaj

A post shared by Omerettà The Great👸🏾 (@omeretta) on

7. Dazene (New Jersey)

8. Tori (Harlem, New York)

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Lamis is gearing up to release her debut EP S.O.L.A.R. (Storytelling Over Lyrics and Rhymes) on Dec. 13. The singer hopes to share more stories her fans will appreciate and the masses will adore. Her come-up is a digital grassroots movement thanks to her remake of Ella Mai's "Boo'd Up" in 2018 leading to her debut studio single  "N.A.S.," an acronym for "Ni**as ain't S**t."


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BEST THING CHALLENGE 🔥 -Stream/Download my new song BEST THING -DM me your videos -No instruments -No music -Just you & your voice -#Bestthingchallenge

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On "Blac Chyna," Lambo uses melodic rhymes to tell the story of a woman who uses her hustle, her beauty and her body to go from "section 8 to a palace." He speaks from a place of admiration for her focus, and the visual is a one shot video that shows him playing piano as the backdrop for a crew of gorgeous women of different complexions.

"It's the story of a female who grew up in an impoverished environment, taking any step she can to get where she wants to be in life," Lambo Anlo told VIBE. "For the video, we wanted to showcase the various cultures and races of women that go through this same struggle."

"I wanted to make an intimate video that juxtaposes two different types of people in more of a veiled style than what's traditionally expected," director Dillon Dowdell told VIBE.

Yazid Britt, director for creative services and marketing at Rostrum Records, noted that instead of simply casting a lookalike of the song's namesake as the lead, they wanted to go deeper and connect with viewers.

"It was an easy suggestion to just place a literal version of Blac Chyna as the female lead, but in many cases people see themselves through celebrities and that's what we set out with director Dillon Dowdell. There is a Blac Chyna in every culture.”

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The rapper seems to be sporting a new triangle-shaped face tattoo on his right cheek, which is probably just for the video, and may or may not be a reference to that illuminati-pyramid he was building in his parents backyard.

In other Jaden Smith news, the actor is slated to play a young Kanye West in Omniverse, an anthology that examines perception through the eyes of Mr. West.

Watch the video above.



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