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Shari Headley To Reprise Role For 'Coming To America' Sequel

The sequel is set to debut in theaters on Dec. 18, 2020.

The follow-up to 1988's Coming to America film is shaping up nicely given some of the original cast's return to the set. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Shari Headley is the latest member to sign on for the sequel.

Headley plays Lisa McDowell, Prince Akeem's (Eddie Murphy) lover-turned-wife. The movie takes place in a fictional African country named Zamunda, and sees Prince Akeem travel overseas to Queens, New York to find a woman suitable to be his wife. He encounters a series of comedic experiences, which will probably be the case for the sequel that's due in 2020.

James Earl Jones, Arsenio Hall, and Murphy have agreed to revamp their chemistry onscreen. Other actors that have joined the film include Wesley Snipes, Kiki Layne, Leslie Jones and presumably there will be more to come. John Amos, Vanessa Bell, Samuel L. Jackson, Eriq La Salle, and others starred in the original film. It was also reported that Rick Ross will make an appearance in the forthcoming motion picture.

The sequel is set to debut in theaters on Dec. 18, 2020.

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Get Ready For Dave Chappelle's 5th Netflix Stand-Up Special, 'Sticks & Stones'

Dave Chappelle's comedic return just won't let up. With four Netflix comedy specials in the bag, the funnyman is returning to the streaming platform with another stand-up comedy special, Sticks & Stones.

To announce its upcoming premiere, Netflix released a one-minute teaser of Chappelle randomly walking through a desert as Morgan Freeman's god-like voiceover adds a bit of comic relief.

"This is Dave. He tells jokes for a living. Hopefully, he makes people laugh." But these days," he sighs, "It's a high stakes game.

"How did we get here? I wonder...I don't mean that metaphorically. I'm really asking. How did Dave get here? What the f**k is this?"

In 2017, Chappelle dropped four stand-up specials: Deep in the Heart of Texas, The Age of Spin, Equanimity, and The Bird Revelation. Later this year, he'll become the 5th black comedian to receive the prestigious Mark Twain Prize for American Humor award. Richard Pryor was the first honoree in 1998, followed by Whoopi Goldberg in 2001, Bill Cosby in 2009, and Eddie Murphy in 2015.

Sticks & Stones is set to premiere on Monday, August 26 on Netflix. Watch the randomly funny teaser clip above.

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John Legend And 'Sherman's Showcase' Creators Detail The Program's Comedic Approach

At the tail end of Sherman’s Showcase premiere episode on IFC, a hilarious skit that features a church-going woman named Renita singing the hit song, “Drop It Low (For Jesus)” with faux choir group RWKSY (Real Women Know Something, Y’all) closes out the program.

As she’s praising a higher power, she simultaneously advocates for women who enjoy flexing their knee muscles and shaking their backsides in brightly lit clubs. Since the show’s premiere, Renita’s provocative message has made its rounds on social media.

But like the many different skits on the show, the comedic scene came unexpectedly. Sherman’s Showcase’s format is a mix of Saturday Night Live and Soul Train, encapsulating some of music and pop culture’s most memorable moments while being interpolated with impromptu style and celebrity cameos, like witnessing Tiffany Haddish taste soups and raving about how good they are. Then suddenly, John Legend (who executive produced the show through his production company, Get Lifted, with award-winning producer Mike Jackson) returns as one of its hosts to say something quirky and—random.

The program was created by dynamic duo Diallo Riddle and Bashir Salahuddin, both comedians and writers who first met at Harvard University and later worked together on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Before making it big in Hollywood, they’ve always wanted to create a sketch show like Sherman’s. Its formula is like taking a peek at someone’s most private, hilarious, and cringe-worthy thoughts. And it’s all intentional.

“Sherman’s Showcase gives us an opportunity to do something chaotic like the early days of Saturday Night Live, which we always really loved and cherished,” Bashir tells VIBE over the phone. “In some ways, I would say that Sherman’s Showcase had the longest gestational phase because since we started writing 20 years ago, we always thought about writing our own comedy show.”

As the episodes funnel in, viewers witness the likes of Common, Quincy Jones, Ne-Yo, Vic Mensa, and Marlon Wayans, among others. For Legend, it’s quite the treat to feature musical guests on the show.

“The good thing about it being musical is that it’s not just actors, there are lots of people who work with me in the music business that come on the show as well,” Legend says. “I think people just want to have fun, and a lot of actors and musicians don’t get a chance to do this all the time. I don’t get a chance to do things like this all the time either.”

The show’s antics are fun and as a viewer, it feels like you’re time-traveling between different worlds. Bashir notes there will be jokes about old acts like Blondie and Stevie Nicks while still keeping that classic feel of Motown and Soul Train. It’s the ‘70s but with assistance from this generation’s talent like Haddish. Their methodology is simple and relies on the consensus of the public boardroom.

"Our philosophy has always been, if the room is laughing at it, we’re going to give it a shot,” Riddle explains. Amid the comedic craze they’ve created with this show and Comedy Central’s South Side, they’re using the sketches as a litmus test for Hollywood to see how they can expand the stories—whether it’s a fake commercial or a movie— beyond a one-minute short into a 90-minute feature.

[email protected]'s brand new music video for, “Time Loop (feat. @NeYoCompound ) is OUT NOW!https://t.co/lDPwSh6oyR pic.twitter.com/zBbjfkBcWE

— MAD DECENT (@maddecent) August 13, 2019

“For us, it’s a chance to do music and TV in sort of a proof of concept kind of way,” Diallo explains. “If we can execute it on Sherman’s Showcase then all we have to do is walk in somebody’s office and say, ‘Hey, let us make the long-form version of this.’”

“And at least in the case of the original music, it’s already come to fruition because we played it for Mad Decent, which is Diplo’s record label,” he adds. “They said, ‘We want to make this soundtrack.’ It’s almost like wishing, thinking and believing things you want into existence. To me, that’s the power I’ve given it.”

Sherman’s Showcase airs on IFC Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST.

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The Queen Has Spoken: Nicki Minaj On Joe Budden, Trina's A&R And More From Queen Radio

Nicki Minaj's latest episode of Queen Radio was filled with twists and turns, reminding us that the artist will never hold her tongue for anyone. On Monday (Aug. 12), the artist invited the guys of The Joe Budden Podcast to celebrate both the one year anniversary of Queen Radio and her fourth album Queen.

Since this is hip-hop, nothing went as planned. Budden and Nicki went back and forth about the nature of the rapper's collaboration with other female rappers. The first being her recent guest feature on Megan Thee Stallion's "Hot Girl Summer" and previous feature on Migos' "Motosport" which also included Cardi B.

Nicki continued to stress how "Hot Girl Summer" and the girl-powered Instagram Live she took part in with Megan wasn't planned. She also repeated how "Motosport" came about and evaded Budden's theory on the two dissing each other on the song.

But sadly, that wasn't it. In now an infamous move, Nicki cut Budden's mic during their verbal spat after the media personality accused the rapper of drug use last year. "Your entire last album did that. Your past is littered with it. Who gives a f**k what she pop? But don't sit here and act like you've never popped a pill," Joe said after Nicki acknowledged that she and many rappers speak on drug use in their rhymes.

"Are you that f**king dumb?" she said. "What the f**k you won't do is disrespect me like I'm stupid. So your mother accused you of using drugs when you've never met anyone a day in your life? That's what your mother raised you? You're getting a taste of your own medicine motherf***ker. You like tearing down people who can't respond. You like tearing down people's character when they can't respond. You like tearing down women when they can't defend themselves. You like tearing down women when you can try to end their careers because you're jealous lowkey of their success. I don't f**king care. No, we're on to the next."

Nicki also addressed her past qualms with Budden, her thoughts on Trina's A&R accusing her of not promoting their single "BAPS" and the status of her new album.

Play catch up below.

__ On Joe Budden Calling Her A Liar 

In the past, Budden has shared a few theories on Minaj's marketing strategies. During his reign on Everyday Struggle, the media personality shared theories on how "Motosport" came together. Most of the argument relied on this example, although Nicki claimed to have many more where Budden claimed Nicki lied to the public.

"I can give you I've specific times, like when I explained how "Motorsport" came about and you and your sidekick Akademiks went on your platform and said she didn't know this b***h was on the record," she said to Budden. "You said. That is implying that I'm lying. I was asked can this person be put on the song and I said 'Yeah, let's do it.' That was my response and you and your sidekick Alvin the Chipmunk or Akademiks that 'Nicki Minaj is lying.' Let's deal with that and then we can get to all the other things you said.

How "Hot Girl Summer" With Megan Thee Stallion Came About

But before two dived into the formation of "Motorsport," they discussed how "Hot Girl Summer" came to be.

"I'm a lot of things, but a liar is not one of them," Nicki said. "For the most part, I love to tell exactly what happened and that's why a lot of times I don't speak on things. Because I don't speak on things unless I can speak on them thoroughly. One of the things you said recently was 'Oh I know Nicki, she didn't do that [Instagram] Live if she didn't have that record ["Hot Girl Summer"] done.'"

On the Aug 3 episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, the group talked about Megan and Nicki's Instagram Live with Joe implying that the moment appeared to be calculated.

"Let me ask y'all something. What makes you think that was a planned live and that we had the song done and the wicked witch of the West Nicki planning stuff? Tell me," Nicki said. During the IG Live, Megan shared how "Hot Girl Summer" was completed before Nicki was asked for a guest verse.

"I don't think you guys said it a negative away but I'm interested to know from articulate and intelligent people that the record had to be in the can if I went on [Instagram] Live with her?" she questioned.

"I think that you are more brand aware than that line leads it to believe," Budden replied. "I think you've carried yourself to be more conscious of not only your stardom but your impact on other people's careers, especially new artists. And for it to come off as organic as it appears, that's Music Industry 101. When I look at "New Artist Meg" riding around with "Megastar You" on random Insta Live? Of course, you can understand how that looks."

"So let me go and say it once again. I went on Live, I went on to announce the "Megatron" winners," she said. "While I was on Live, I see a bunch of people telling me to go live with this woman. Finally, they explained to me and we got on Live. We talked about many things and then at one point, we talked about the song...When we got off Live, I talked to Juicy J and the person who wrote the hook for the song. When I heard the song, I loved the song and I wrote the verse right then and there. So that's exactly what happened. So even when I explain these things like this, I'm still being told that I'm lying."

On A Special Executive Producer For Her New Album

After things simmered down, Rory and Mal asked Nicki about her new music.

"The album is coming very very soon, but I don't want to say when," she said. "I am excited about having this very dope executive producer on this album. I was going to share on the last Queen Radio but decided not to. We're going to make it a secret."

Why Nicki Cut Joe Budden's Mic And Her Alleged Drug Use

After Budden appeared to check out of the conversation, Nicki questioned him about more of his past comments about her. One of the biggest topics happened to be her lyrics relating to substance abuse heard on Queen. 

"Your entire last album did that. Your past is littered with it. Who gives a f**k what she pop? But don't sit here and act like you've never popped a pill," Joe said after Nicki acknowledged that she and many rappers speak on drug use in their rhymes.

"What the f**k you won't do is disrespect me like I'm stupid," she said. "So your mother taught you to accuse people of using drugs when you've never met anyone a day in your life? That's what your mother raised you to do? You're getting a taste of your own medicine motherf***ker. You like tearing down people who can't respond. You like tearing down people's character when they can't respond. You like tearing down women when they can't defend themselves. You like tearing down women when you can try to end their careers because you're jealous lowkey of their success. I don't f***king care. No, we're on to the next.

After cutting his mic, Nicki tried to explain her frustrations with Rory and Mal. "If you asked me something where I had lied or mislead the public about something on you, I would apologize because I'm on a platform where I'm hurting your image," she said. "The problem is I don't have an issue with him but I don't like when people clearly see themselves in a lie and not acknowledge it."

On Trina's A&R Accusing Of Her Of Not Pushing "BAPS"

During her venting session, Nicki questioned Trina's camp (ie: Reginald Saunders) for accusing her of not pushing Trina's "BAPS." Nicki shared the song on Queen Radio last month, making it one of Trina's most popular songs from her new album, The One.


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I want to address the issue so bad about this #BAPS record and VIDEO and it’s taking everything inside of me to remain quiet. This isn’t the first time @nickiminaj has pulled this stunt and trust me it’s cool. I can’t get over how fake people can be for a Lil fame , likes and followers. when everyone tried to warn me I still gave her the benefit of the doubt. I can’t wait to see how all of this is about to play out because you can’t stop karmas reign, shame on you .. I mostly feel sorry for the #barbs because they have no clue of the deceiver and manipulator their leader is. #igottimetoday #imnotbeingquiet #myvotegoestoCARDIB

A post shared by 23rd Psalm (@reginaldsaunders) on Aug 12, 2019 at 8:40am PDT

She also mentioned that their track was completed years ago while Nicki lived in Miami. There were also opportunities to do a music video but the scheduling never lined up.

"I have my own schedule and I also have to worry about what makes not only sense/cents but dollars," she said. "And it's not fair that people don’t understand that. I would never have someone from my team disrespect somebody that has been nothing but real to me.”

On How Safaree and Charlamagne Started "The Nicki Minaj Hate Train"

Although it appears that Nicki received a strong dose of criticism last year, the rapper dates back the creation of the so-called "Nicki Hate Train" to her breakup with Safaree Samuels, who spoke to various media outlets about the rapper's songwriting skills.

"One of the people who led that movement was Charlamagne," she said without saying Safaree's name. "He teamed up with an ex of mine who knew he needed to hang on to me to get attention. He went over there and said many lies about me and I couldn't say anything at the time because I was with someone but this ex needed to stay afloat so he told lies on me. There were powerful men in this industry who were getting a check or a pat on the back for it thought, "It's time to get Nicki out of here.'"

How She Doesn't Have A Problem With Joe Budden

"Even right now, I have no issue with Joe," she said after their spat. "But people have to take ownership especially when they are apart of this culture and they say things. You can say one thing and it goes to 50 different outlets and that goes to 50 million people and 50 different countries."

She's Married...in 80 Days


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A post shared by Barbie (@nickiminaj) on Aug 11, 2019 at 11:56am PDT

Nicki ended her quarrel with critics with a not-so-subtle announcement about her marriage to Kenneth "Zoo" Petty. While noting she will be officially married in 80 days she also shifted her haters in his direction.

"I'm not addressing men anymore. My husband will address y'all if you have an issue with me because he's dying to want to address y'all," she said. "He wants that role, that's his role. I'm not addressing you men that have a bone to pick with me. Just know, ni**as will see you face to face. If you're a ghostwriter writing lyrics about me, n***s will you see and that's a whole f**king fact."

You can listen to Queen Radio here.

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