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Nostalgia Ultra: Fefe Dobson And Yelawolf Are Officially Married

But also, let's give Dobson props for her epic era in music. 

In truly random news, singer-songwriter Fefe Dobson and rapper Yelawolf have tied the knot.

The couple has dated since 2011 and got engaged in 2013. The two had a brief breakup in 2016 which didn't last long. In sweet Instagram declarations over the weekend, Dobson shared her love for the rapper and their bright future. "We’ve been through so much together Michael and now here we are," she said. "I couldn’t be more excited for this new chapter of our lives, this new beginning with you as your wife!! I love you ...You have my heart."

The "Rowdy" rapper shared the same sentiments while highlighting their growth. "God gave us our vision, passion and hearts but all of these things combined would mean nothing without the balance we give to one another," he said with photos from their ceremony. "It’s been a very long and hard road for this woman and I made it no easier for her at times but through it all, we have grown and we’re both better than ever for it."


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Our career’s as artists has taken us places we never dreamed .. our family’s and tribes gave us courage , strength and determination to persevere ... our failures gave us hunger .. our fans gave us a voice ... our mothers both gave us a story to feed it all ... and God gave us our vision , passion and hearts .. But all of these things combined would mean nothing without the balance we give to one another .. FeFe is not only my best friend .. she’s my spirit and minds anchor .. and I’m honored to finally call her my Wife !!! .. it’s been a very long and hard road for this woman .. and I made it no easier for her at times .... but through it all we have grown .. and we’re both better than ever for it ... we’ve shared with the world our relationship .. from the bright side to the dark .. so it’s only right we share with you our new and real true beginning .. FeFe I love you .. I always have and I always will .. welcome to OUR crazy family Mrs.ATHA .. you fit perfectly @iamfefemusic .. thank you @spideysmith for capturing this monumental day for us .. ⚡️⚡️LOVE⚡️⚡️

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Their union is precious but this also feels like the perfect time for Dobson to put down her bouquet and receive her other flowers. Black women have always existed in rock music (Tina Turner, Betty Davis) but Fefe Dobson's flavor of emo-punk was one of kind. Already standing out on Def Jam's roster in the early 2000s, the singer released songs like "Take Me Away" and "Everything" to critical acclaim while giving moody black teens someone to relate to.

In a time where artists were either a liking to Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears or Brandy, Dobson was her own unique force. Her unapologetic tone was sorely underrated from her label who allowed her to get lost in the shuffle. As the thrill of emo acts began to dwindle in the late aughts, Dobson continued to fuel her style of rock with jams like "I Want You" and "Stuttering."

While her popularity dwindled in the states, this didn't stop her from working. She lent unreleased songs to artists like Selena Gomez and worked with Miley Cyrus, Pusha T, Cyndi Lauper and even toured with Justin Timberlake. Her influence is also seen in artists like Azealia Banks.

This is all very random but as we steer further away from pop culture of the 2000s, it's important to admire artists like Dobson who were before their time. We're glad Dobson is happy in love and we're sure fans would be down to hear new music soon.

Enjoy our review of Dobson's second album Sunday Love from the archives here.

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