John Witherspoon Dead: Celebrity Reactions
John Witherspoon backstage at a Mercedes-Benz Spring 2007 L.A. Fashion Week event at Smashbox Studios in Culver City, California.
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Ice Cube, Regina King, Will Smith And More React To John Witherspoon's Death

Artists within the hip-hop community also offered their condolences.

The entertainment industry is mourning the loss of legendary comedian John Witherspoon who passed away in Sherman Oaks, Calif. on Tuesday (Oct. 29).

According to a statement by the Witherspoon's family by way of his manager Alex Goodman, the House Party and Friday actor died in his home at the age of 77. "We are all in shock, please give us a minute for a moment in privacy and we will celebrate his life and his work together," it reads. "John used to say 'I'm no big deal', but he was a huge deal to us.”

His son, JD, took to his personal Twitter account to share news of his father's death. " Dad died today & honestly I’m not sure how to feel," he wrote. "I’m sad, but I’m also happy 4 all the great times we had together."

His former colleagues and peers jumped on their social media platforms to grieve the beloved entertainer's death, offer condolences and prayers, and honor the funnyman who many have grown up watching (and hearing) on television sets and movie screens.

"My dad, my grandpa, my comedic inspiration! I love you Spoons! Rest In Paradise, King," wrote actress Regina King who worked with Witherspoon on the cult classic, The Boondocks.

"I’m devastated over the passing of John Witherspoon," tweeted rapper-producer and Friday co-star Ice Cube. "Life won’t be as funny without him."

Former The Wayans Bros. castmate Marlon Wayans took to his Instagram to share a heartfelt post.

"I’m sad. Broken. Hurt.. yet extremely grateful to God that I got to spend 5 years of my life working with one of the funniest sweetest wisest humblest loving man,"  the actor-comedian wrote. "@johnnywitherspoon you were my tv dad and my mentor and my friend. I miss you already. Something don’t feel right. This is heavy on my heart. Anyone that knows me knows how much I love pops."

Born in Detroit, Mich., Witherspoon began his career as a stand-up comic before making guest appearances on television shows like The Richard Pryor Show (1977), Good Times (1979), The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1994) and the animated Black Jesus (2014-2019). He went on to make appearances on major films like Boomerang (1992), and Soul Plane (2004), influencing generations of aspiring comedians and bringing joy to fans alike.

Witherspoon is survived by his wife Angela, two sons, JD and Alexander, as well as his "large family." No word on the cause of death.

See the many tributes to the late, great actor and comedian below.


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I’m sad. Broken. Hurt.. yet extremely grateful to God that i got to spend 5 years of my life working with one of the funniest sweetest wisest humblest loving man @johnnywitherspoon you were my tv dad and my mentor and my friend. I miss you already. Something don’t feel right. This is heavy on my heart. Anyone that knows me knows how much i love pops. You have a strong wife and great kids. What an amazing family. Your boys damn near grew up on the #WayansBros set they’ll always be like my little brothers and sons. i will pass on all the jewels that you bestowed on to us. Thank you God for the many many many laughs that we shared on and off the set. You got “all the keys 🔑 “ and i know you got one to heaven’s gate. Anytime i want to laugh or to see you I’m gonna put on a episode of wayans bros and laugh until i cry. I miss already.... hope your dancing in heaven with ugly white shoes on. “Pops pops sugar pops”. #ripjohnwitherspoon #mysecondpops

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Thanx for the laughs, Pops.

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This one cuts deep. Rest well King John Witherspoon aka Pop’s. Love you and thank you giving us so much of you.

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Mr. John Witherspoon was one of the funniest men around , was so hard working. Such a wonderful relationship with his sons ( check the videos out on his IG account ) @ laughed so much together . It is beautiful to see! And his beautiful wife Angela is an amazing person and together they were a force! I went to the house one day when i first moved To LA and John and i swapped stories about our childhoods growing up poor and our crowded but funny happy households . What was supposed to be a brief meeting lasted for 5 hours . I laughed so much this day. I will never forget that day❤️God Bless you Sweet Angie praying for you 🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️❤️ He got em rolling in heaven🙏🏾❤️

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This hurts. Such kind,and gentle soul. You will be missed RIP 🙏🏾. You have been released...

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Rest In Peace to the legend John Witherspoon 🙏🏽 you will be missed

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RIP John Witherspoon 🙏🏽

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Can’t believe your gone pops 😭😢😔 R.I.P John Witherspoon ... LEGEND !

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John Witherspoon resonated with every last one of us because he represented someone in our family: embarrassing us at gatherings (Boomerang), misrepresenting our generations heroes (“Public Enema”?!), making a jingle about pretty much everything (Grandpa on Boondocks), the neighborhood wino (black Jesus—-or better yet Hollywood Shuffle)—-the list is endless. Bar none my favorite working/blue collar actor. Prolly THE most famous iconic character actor (I mean he didn’t star in vehicles but he was no doubt THE go to support) the best knew to get the best. When interviewing @davidalangrier on @QLS him describing what should have been a routine 15 min scene at the family table in Boomerang wound up being a non stop hour and a half us master class riffing amongst masters, with Witherspoon leading the way. History should tell it well, all the greats utilized him on their project for the last 45 years (Richard Pryor Show/Whats Happening!/Good Times/WKRP/227/Martin/Amen/Fresh Prince/Wayans Bros/Living Single/Boondocks/First Family/blackish/Black Jesus)—-he will forever be our pop pops. RIP

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If you love as many people as i do and you get to be as old as i am 👀 It will seem like every other day you loose someone, it can be painful....I offer this prayer of comfort for all those suffering because of the loss of our beloved brother .. remember his SERVICE ❤️ remember the way he made us laugh, the love that he shared, and the way he made millions of us feel ! NOW IMAGINE ALL THAT HAPPINESS AND LAUGHTER GIVEN BACK TO HIM ...Be at ease .. the great John Witherspoon is free from suffering and is chilling in the kingdom Don’t be too SAD ...Look at that face and smile ❤️ It’s all God ...God calls the ready and the righteous ones from us to join him in his kingdom , to sit at his table, in perfect harmony ,when he sees fit AMEN #king #defjamallstar #friend #mentor #trendsetter

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Legends never die

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#ForeverFunny gonna miss him!!! RIP #johnweatherspoon #TeamDl

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