D-Nice spins at the launch of Sophia Chang's audio memoir at The Standard, High Line In NYC on September 24, 2019 in New York City.
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DJ D-Nice Hosts 10-Hour Instagram Live Social Distancing Dance Party

The celebrity DJ has opened his home for feel-good vibes with "Homeschool."

Update: 2:33 PM EST (March 24, 2020) - DJ D-Nice appeared on CBS This Morning and chatted with Gayle King about how his danceathon of sorts came to be. He went on to spin for an hour on Monday night, despite developing a cold and need rest.

He'll hop on IG live again on Wednesday (March 25) for a voter registration set called Couch Party to encourage voter registration. Tune in LIVE over on DJ D-Nice's Instagram page at 6:30 pm ET.

Update: 2:00 AM EST (March 22, 2020) - After spinning a handful of Homeschool virtual dance parties, D-Nice broke his initial record of 9 hours and spun for 10 hours on Instagram Live. Between the 5 and 6-hour mark, the total number of viewers spiked at 100K and eventually hit the 104K mark.

As the #ClubQuarantine party continued into the night, celebrities like Michelle Obama, Oprah, Stevie Wonder, Naomi Campbell, Janet Jackson, Joe Biden, Steph Curry, Diddy, Jay Electronica, members of Earth Wind and Fire, Lenny Kravitz, Bell Biv DeVoe, Will Smith, Ellen DeGeneres, Bruno Mars, Queen Latifah and so many more stopped by to enjoy the tunes.

Instagram tweeted about the "global dance party" and Mark Zuckerberg showed up and "bought out" the virtual bar. As the night came to a close, D-Nice played a new song from Childish Gambino titled "19.10" from Gambino’s new album and ended the night with Usher, Ludacris and Lil Jon's "Lovers & Friends."

"I can't believe that I started the Home School social distancing dance party just four days ago and it's become a place for us to virtually dance together and stay connected," he wrote on Instagram hours before his set. "From my kitchen, I'm able to send positive vibrations to each of you. Thank you for rocking with me."

On Wednesday (March 18), legendary rapper/producer/celebrity DJ, Derrick "D-Nice'' Jones, held a one-man show on his Instagram Live feed, by DJ'n with smooth grooves, hip-hop hits and R&B classics for nearly nine hours long for his viewing audience. This feat was live-streamed straight from his living room condo in Los Angeles and has now been named, "Homeschoolin': Social Distancing Dance Party."

His impromptu dance-a-thon was a great departure for those dealing with the quarantine status life due to the coronavirus outbreak and shutdown. Trust his all-day, day party (where Nice switched hats like six times) was also fueled by a few glasses of wine, some sushi and good vibes all delivered to his home by friends and fam.

Nice had various big-name homies and entertainment icons hop in on the virtual litness via Instagram's split view feature with the likes of Big Daddy Kane, UGK's Bun B, photographer Jonathan Mannion, comedian Spice Adams, rapper/actor Common, even EGOT's own John Legend. That line-up with so many others of note, chiming in on the comment timeline prompted Nice to exclaim, "So many legends came through! We had John Legend in here, yall!! What a magical day!"


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3pm PST we are going live! Tell your friends!

A post shared by D-Nice (@dnice) on

Known first as an original member of '80s hip-hop pioneering Bronx crew BDP, Nice only a teenager in those times, served as DJ and rapper for the squad. Although having a solo rap career of his own, he is most known as one of the producers for the '80s mega-hit "Self Destruction" which featured various rap luminaries of the time denouncing violence in the hoods of America. MC Lyte, Heavy D, Public Enemy, BDP and many others jumped on the track to promote peace and unity in the hip-hop community. A pivot to photography in the early 2000's helped in this transition to full-time DJ status as he's been rocking stages like Essence Fest, various major brands events and the storied BET Networks x White House party where he had everyone, including the President at the time, Barack Obama and team, rocking into the night.

In these current times, Nice is pushing that same level of love for the music and the people of today dealing with lockdowns across the nation. He's opened his heart and his home to perform for many hours, "out of love for y'all and getting through these times." If you hurry, you can catch about half of yesterday's session on his Instagram Live right now to get ready for his new class of Homeschoolin' at 3 pm PST today on his Instagram page (@dnice). 

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Mannie Fresh And Scott Storch Go Toe-To-Toe In Instagram Live Battle

Mannie Fresh and Scott Storch went up against each other on Wednesday (April 1), for the latest Instagram Live competition commissioned by Swizz Beatz and Timbaland.

Fresh and Storch each played 20 of the many hits in their respective catalogs which included, Juvenile’s “Back That A** Up,” Mary J. Blige’s “No More Drama,” “Still Fly” by the Big Tymers, Lil Wayne’s “Go DJ,” “Lean Back” by Fat Joe featuring Remy Ma, Beyonce’s “Naughty Girl,” “Baby Boy” and “Me Myself,” 50 Cent’s “Candy Shop,” Dr. Dre’s “Still D.R.E.,” and B.G.’s “Bling Bling” featuring Big Tymers and the Hot Boyz.

More than 200,000 viewers signed on to watch the epic battle, and although Swizz declared Storch the winner, the internet is still debating over which producer came out victorious. Either way though, the true winners were the fans.


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Score card from the people !! Thank you @scottstorchofficial & @manniefresh for doing it for the people at home aka the culture ! We also hit 202k tonight VERZUZ !!! Scott won tonight but so did the culture ! @timbaland it’s a wrap 🙌🏽

A post shared by No Breaks In 2020 (@therealswizzz) on Apr 1, 2020 at 7:38pm PDT

Storch versatility is too crazy, and he had hit after hit after hit. But Mannie legit created a sound for one of the most influential record labels ever. A sound. Like “Rich N’s” off 400 Degreez never made the top of the charts, but that’s a bonafide classic record.

— Justin Tinsley (@JustinTinsley) April 2, 2020

Other than like 2-3 songs, Mannie played music from one label. One label! Cash Money Records. One of the greatest record labels of all time, any genre. What a run.

— Andrew Barber (@fakeshoredrive) April 2, 2020

Back That Azz Up is a negro spiritual and because of that, the ancestors are PROUD. We salute the legend, Mannie Fresh.

— Maura Chanz (@maurachanz) April 2, 2020


His Range Is Too Elite For Mannie

— DJ First Class™ 🏁 (@1DJFirstClass) April 2, 2020

Nobody ever got ass thrown on em to still DRE.. mannie won to me 😂

— Le$ 🥩x🦐™ (@SteakxShrimp) April 2, 2020

Scott won.... Mannie fucked around with some bullshit too many times

— Kojo Ebro (@oldmanebro) April 2, 2020

The digital fracas was of course all in good fun as both sides complimented each other, and vowed to work together. Scott also plugged his forthcoming album and teased a new single with Ozuna and Tyga. Mannie promoted his “Virus Killaz” DJ live stream mix and Sunday gospel mix.

“After this, let’s get together and change the world,” Fresh told Storch. “There is no harm in this. We will love each other as brothers….We love you and your crew.”

T-Pain and Lil Jon are apparently next in line for an Instagram live music bout scheduled for Saturday (April 4) at 9 p.m. EST.

In the meantime, peep a snippet from the tonight's battle below.

Y’all wanna see a dead body.... Scott Storch Won.

— The Academy Music Business (@BenjaminEnfield) April 2, 2020

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Al Sharpton Calls On Black Churches To Cancel In-Person Services Amid Pandemic

With Easter and Palm Sunday coming up soon, Rev. Al Sharpton called leaders of the nation’s largest historically Black churches, and other faith leaders, to urge them not to hold in-person services during the global pandemic.

In a video conference call on Wednesday (April 1), Sharpton spoke with several Black church leaders about discontinuing “services that are not online.” The conference call was fueled in part by a Louisiana megachurch pastor being arrested for holding a church service and a funeral over the last week.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Pastor Tony Spell of Life Tabernacle Church, was charged with six counts of disobeying power of government after holding a funeral last week with more than 100 mourners, and a church service on Tuesday (March 31) evening.

I convened a call with the heads of the nation’s largest historically Black religious denominations & other faith leaders to call on clergy to refrain from having church services as we head into Palm Sunday and Easter Holy Week.

— Reverend Al Sharpton (@TheRevAl) April 1, 2020

Spell “willfully” violated the “local coronavirus stay-at-home order,” Sharpton reportedly said on Wednesday.

“I have been arrested over thirty times for civil rights & civil disobedience — twice for ninety days & another forty-five days for standing up for people’s civil and human rights,” Sharpton tweeted. “These separate incidents involving leaders of faith putting people’s lives in danger is not a matter of civil or human rights, nor is it a testament of faith.”

Florida megachurch pastor Rodney Howard-Browne was also arrested for holding two church services this past Sunday (March 29). Following his arrest, Howard-Browne said that he had no choice but to temporarily shut the church down. “I have to do this to protect the congregation — not from the virus but from a tyrannical government.”

Howard-Browne could have the two misdemeanor charges against him dropped after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis deemed places of worship as “essential business” in a mandatory statewide stay-at-home order issued Wednesday.

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Devon Still Celebrates Daughter, Leah’s, Cancer Being In Remission For 5 Years

Former NFL player Devon Still has lots to celebrate after his 9-year-old daughter reached a milestone in her previous battle with cancer. Leah Still recently marked five years of being cancer-free and to honor the achievement, her doting dad whipped up a gourmet dinner since many restaurants are closed in an attempt to calm the spread of COVID-19.

“Leah didn’t get to go to the steakhouse she wanted to to celebrate so I put on my chef hat and brought the steakhouse to her,” the ex-professional athlete wrote on Instagram last week alongside a video of a smiling Leah seated at a table with homemade steak, lobster tails, and asparagus.


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Leah didn’t get to go to the steakhouse she wanted to to celebrate so I put on my chef hat and brought the steakhouse to her. #CancerFree #LeahStrong

A post shared by Devon Still (@stillinthegame) on Mar 25, 2020 at 8:03pm PDT

In a follow-up post, Still shared an image of Leah sleeping with a mustache and beard drawn on her face. “This is why we fought so be able to have these moments,” he captioned the photo. “#QuarantinePrankWars start now. Parents 1…Kids -0.”


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This is why we fought so be able to have these moments 😂😂 #QuarantinePrankWars starts now. Parents - 1....Kids - 0. Where the rest of my parents at? It’s time to show our kids who’s boss. Tag me in your photos lol.

A post shared by Devon Still (@stillinthegame) on Mar 26, 2020 at 7:12am PDT

At just 4 years old, Leah was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma, a rare cancer typically found in young children that usually develops in nerve cells and affects small glands, but can spread to different organs. Leah underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in 2015. Last year, she shared some advice for other children fighting cancer. “I would say stay strong and it doesn’t matter what’s on the outside, it matters what’s on the inside,” Leah told the TODAY show. “And you’re not fighting this alone, ever.”

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