Sigh. As if getting booted from the Oakland Raiders roster in May and being forced to spend his summer trying to convince another NFL team to give him a shot to play wasn't bad enough, NFL quarterback JaMarcus Russell now finds himself in a legal bind. Last night, police arrested Russell in his hometown of Mobile, Ala. for possession of codeine syrup. It's another tragic tale in the already-tragic career of the former No. 1 pick in the 2007 NFL Draft.

Plenty of folks in the media are shocked to hear Russell got arrested for (allegedly) sippin' syrup. But here at, codeine ain't nothing new to us (well, the idea of codeine—not the actual use of it...). Codeine, which is usually mixed with promethazine to create a potent syrup that delivers a high similar to that of heroin, has been a staple in the Southern rap community for years now.

In honor of Russell's bust, we decided to dig up 20 codeine-laced tracks that he probably keeps on his iPod's playlist if he's really into sippin' sizzurp on the regular. Grab a Styrofoam cup (or three) and a bottle of Sprite and press play on this syrupy mix. —Chris Yuscavage