We're days away from ringing in a new year and, for most people, days away from making a few necessary changes to their lifestyles. While it's usually a task to stay focused on a New Year's resolution, one of our sister magazines has some key pointers to sticking to the self-promises.


The usual resolution involves either losing weight, quitting some legal or illegal substance. New Year’s resolutions are hard to keep; but if it’s really important to you, I have a couple of pointers that can help you stick to an ideal plan.

One sure way to get the gears turning on a New Year’s resolution is to write a yearly reflection. Writing this will help you point out the key reasons why you want to change, and why it’s such a big deal to you. It will also help you to determine what steps you need to take, in order to meet your future goals.

1. Leave daily reminders around the house, to conflict with the things that trigger your bad habits. Using things like a post-it to stick on cabinets, the refrigerator or even that draw that you used to keep your cigarettes in, will help you get closer to your goal. I once knew a guy who took pictures of himself when he was overweight and put them all over his house as a constant reminder that he needed to workout. That one is a bit extreme, but you get the point.

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