It's not easy being the sole female singer in a camp stuffed with machismo, but Teedra Moses is handling the adjustment with grace. The 35-year-old R&B underdog, who inked a deal with Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group back in March, is finally ready to switch her spotlight back on after six years of laying low. But even with the biggest bawse in entertainment counseling her moves, Teedra's not intimidated to swivel that steering wheel. VIBE caught up with the New Orleans chanteuse before her SOB's show to play some catch up. —Tracy Garraud



VIBE: You're coming back into the game when the musical environment has switched up a bit. More rappers are singing and more singers are rapping. Should we expect any bars from Teedra in the near future?
TEEDRA MOSES: Nah, I do what I’m good at. I can write a rap and give it to somebody to spit, but I’m not a rapper. I’ve been gone for so long and when I say gone for so long, I really haven’t cause I’ve been out here grinding, but people don’t know that, so I’ve been gone from their eyesight. So if I was a fan of Teedra Moses and she came back and started rapping, I would be like 'This bitch is crazy!' As much as I’m self-absorbed, I do consider the people that have been rocking with me for what I do. There’s a couple of tracks on the mixtape where I’ll spit a verse or something like that, but it’s just me really having fun and playing. I just try and stick to what I’m good at. And you won’t see me on the cinema either [laughs].

No movies roles, word? I thought all artists would be into that for the fatter check.
You would have to give me the role of the single mother that’s taking care of her kids by herself because I can play that role.You have to give me the role of the singer, struggling to make her career rise because I can play that role. But if you want me to play the stepford wife, it won’t work because I don’t know nothing about it. I’m just very honest with myself. Acting is a craft. Rapping is a craft. I get annoyed when people think they can just throw AutoTune to their voice and do what I do. So I’m not going to disrespect what other people do. I’m just trying to make this music crack.

The new year is approaching which means Self Made Vol. 2 plugs will soon be en route. How's the recording process been this second go-round?
I’ve been kind of recluse and caught up working on my album so I’ve been really focus on that. Working on my album is a process that really, I keep to myself and I hope [my labelmates] don’t take it any personal way. It’s just something like I don’t… not that I will become what other people are from me being around them but I just try and stay focus on what I'm trying to push on myself. So I’ve been very focus on working on my project, I haven’t really being involved with [Self Made Vol. 2] as much.

So there's a possibility that we won't hear you on the album at all?
There is a possibility that I may not. I haven't done any work for it, no.

I can understand that as woman you may need to go into hiding to really get into your zone.
And I’m a totally different genre and trying to stay true to what I do that is different. I'm just trying to stay focused.

Has Ross been supportive of your seclusion?

Teedra Speaks On Feeling 'Left To The Side' In Maybach Music Group (PG. 2)