After being under the wing of Maybach Music Group lord Rick Ross for a little over a year, things are looking quite bright for singing starlet Teedra Moses. Her budding career and fan base is growing at a steady pace and the 35-year-old couldn’t be more excited.

Vixen caught up with her to discuss her music, upcoming NYC show at City Winery and hot topics in today’s industry.

VIBE Vixen: What have you been working on lately?
Teedra Moses: I’m continuously working on bettering my shows and fine tuning the songs I’ve had from before and adding new ones. I’m just narrowing down what I have and polishing it. We are also working on a new record, photo shoot and trying to get more images out.

Are there any particular sounds that you play with when creating music?

I like the live element on every record. Guitar, bass, horn, something because its something about having different people come together in that synergy and that’s important for me. I’m interested in making classic and timeless music, and you just can’t without organic instruments somewhere.

What can expect from your upcoming NYC performance?
It’s on Thursday (May 31), and I’m excited. I’m always excited to perform in New York. My intentions are always to give as much intimacy as possible. I want people to leave there feeling like, ‘Damn, she’s so cool. That’s my homegirl; I love her.’ Musically, I want to introduce a couple new records and some that I’ve never performed before. I just want to give a little something different because I come here all the time. I always end up really turnt up at a NY show. They make the ratchet come out, and I’m normally sipping on something. Hopefully, they’ll be doing the same, and it will just be a good time with my folks.

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