1. Mary J. Blige – "Everyday People"
This is the Mary we love—celebrating life with a cool hip-hop beat to follow. When Mary isn't singing about crispy chicken wraps, she shines.

2. Skyzoo & DJ Prince - The Best of Skyzoo (Podcast Mixtape)
Following an impressive documentary (premiered by us, of course), Sky drops a "podcast mixtape" full of never-before-heard cuts and tracks set to appear on his upcoming LP, A Dream Deferred. The project is full of ill verses, random interludes, and non-stop rhymes. Definitely check this one out—specifically "The Bodega" & "Henny Black."

3. Dead Prez – "A New Beginning"
This one can almost be described as, dare we say it, futuristic pop? It's not exactly what we expected from Dead Prez after all these years, but it's definitely an interesting return record.

4. Troy Ave – "Thinking About You" Freestyle
Not sure how serious Troy was with this one, but it would've sounded better if he didn't try to mimic Frank's voice—and actually, well, rapped. We'll just leave it at that.

5. Pharoahe Monch – Damage
Monch's rap style on "Damage" has hints of Eminem, but nothing too crazy to merit comparisons. We can rock with this though, definitely.