Christmas this year was a day to remember for the South, as severe storm patterns raged across the Gulf Coast from Texas to Alabama, causing at least three deaths and leaving several people injured. With gusting winds, rain and snow, the storm reportedly produced 34 tornadoes. The storm is now expected to come up the East Coast, as states from South Carolina to New York have issued severe weather warnings beginning this afternoon (Dec. 26) and ending tomorrow morning (Dec. 27).

One of the cities to take the hardest hit was Mobile, AL, as rain and winds ripped through power lines and blew the roofs off of homes. Vicksburg, MS also reported severe damage, as the storm left a large 8-foot sinkhole in the ground. Several other cities across the coast also reported that the mix of rain and snow left roads unsafe to drive one, stifling holiday travels for families. Of the reported deaths, two people were killed after being struck by broken trees in Texas and Louisiana, and one woman was pronounced dead after a car crash in Oklahoma, according to ABC News. The total of people left without power in the storm's wake is about 280,000.

This morning, at least 325 flights around the country were canceled because of the impending continuation of the storm in the East. Winds are expected to reach gusts of up to 60 mph. Cities in upstate New York are expecting more than a foot of snow, while the Carolinas are being warned about severe rain. Most states in between are expecting to see a mix of snow, hail and rain into tomorrow morning.

Residents are being advised to avoid unnecessary travel during the times of the issued warnings.