We speak a lot about who is dope and why real hip-hop doesn't get much attention, but there are cats out here doing major work on the underground circuit that you should know about. One in particular is Seattle based producer, Def Dee. He's a hip-hop head to the heart. Just take a brief trip through his Twitter timeline (@_definitelydee) to see his influences range from obscure jazz to the Boot Camp Click straight outta Brooklyn.

With his new release on Mello Music Group, "Numb Again", the sparse sounds come together to form a groove so soulful, that MC's yU and Hassaan Mackey fit right in pocket. Dig a little deeper and experience DD's beat project from last year titled, Cheap Heat here.

Mello Music Group says:
"Today, Def Dee is excited to share Numb Again (feat. yU & Hassaan Mackey) the first track off of his upcoming spring release, 33 an'a third. The album is a remix compilation with a twist. Dee took unreleased verses from his MMG brethren, along with some classic verses, and started remixing. Then he called in the spittas to fill in the blanks with entirely new bars. The results speak for themselves. Numb Again features an unreleased yU verse that was originally for his group The 1978ers. After Dee remixed it, he called up the gravel voiced Rochester MC Hassaan Mackey to lay an all new verse down. The result: numb."