The #1 new year's resolution is always weight loss. We all hope to trim down for spring when our motivation is at an all time high. But somewhere in mid February morale falls off, and gym attendance is low. Say goodbye to laziness once and for all. We compiled a list of the 10 most used excuses and provided solutions to keep you motivated for a successful new year.

1. “I’m too tired”

Ironically, exercise is a cure for being drained! If you’re exhausted because you aren’t sleeping well, a solid diet and exercise routine can be the answer. Your body will enjoy the post workout endorphin rush you receive after a good sweat session. And you may even sleep like a baby at night.

Kick that tired excuse to the curb by having your exercise gear ready in the morning so you don't waste time getting ready. Or if you workout in the afternoon, don’t allow yourself to get comfortable at home until you’ve completed your daily workout.

2. “My hair will mess up”

Hair is a woman’s crown and glory, but does vanity take precedence over our health?

Let’s play a game of ‘Would You Rather?’. I’ll start. Would you rather look amazing in that hot dress in your closet you’ve been dying to wear? Or would you rather be uncomfortable in your clothes with a fly hairdo?

Thought so.

Drop the hair excuse and pick up a protective wrap that saves your hairstyle by absorbing the sweat. Also, try rocking new (perhaps natural) hairstyles that allow for versatility in your new lifestyle. If you’re thinking of transitioning from chemical relaxers, this may be the perfect push you need.

3. “I never see results”

On average, it takes 4 weeks to notice a difference in your physical appearance, 8 weeks for your friends and family to notice, and 12 weeks for the world to take notice.

In short, patience is everything. Make a plan and commit to it. Stick with a comprehensive plan for at least 12 weeks and see where it gets you. If you find you need to make adjustments, go for it. But no matter what, don’t quit!

Tip: When you’re ready to give up, think about where you would be now if you stuck it out a year ago. Hmmm...

4. “Exercise is boring”

Running on the hamster wheel replaying Beyoncé, is going to suck the life out of your gym routine. Exercise isn’t inherently boring, but repetition on the other hand is quite monotonous.

It seems that we’ve been brainwashed to believe that exercise is only effective if we do the same thing everyday. Lose that attitude and do what you like. Try a Zumba class and dance off the pounds, or sweat off inches at a Bikram Yoga studio. If you’re more aggressive, join a kick boxing or karate class. Take advantage of the classes at your gym or keep a fresh stack of exercise DVDs to keep you motivated.

5. “I don’t have enough time”

This classic excuse is a go-to for women everywhere. It’s not easy being a working woman, a mother, a wife, a socialite, and maintain a killer body, but it's possible.

If you constantly put your physical fitness on the back burner you will suffer daily with health issues and self confidence issues. Throw out that excuse away and learn to make fitness work for you with simple steps. While you wait for your coffee to brew in the morning, try a few sets of squats. While you are at your desk, give your bottom a break and do standing calf raises. While watching TV with your kids try tricep dips off the couch. Making time for yourself is important, even if it means doing curls with soup cans.

6. “I’m too embarrassed to exercise”

Shame is a dangerous cycle. You find yourself ashamed of the weight you've gained, then too ashamed to do something about it. This cycle spins until you’ve dug yourself into a deep hole. Make an effort to stop pointing the finger and start shedding the pounds.

Who knows if one of those trim chicks on the treadmill at the gym was just like you a few months ago. Chances are you will find encouragement rather than judgment from those around you.

If you’re still too shy to brave the gym, get your fitness routine in motion by walking. Physical fitness doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a gym rat. Ease into a routine by taking a stroll around your neighborhood. Once your confidence grows, dive into different workout programs to find your new groove.

7. “I can’t afford a gym membership”

If this is your excuse, it’s time to get creative. You don’t need all the amenities a gym has to offer to get a good sweat going. Jog on your local high school track, use the pull up bar at the kids playground, or set up a Zen yoga class for one in your own backyard. You may find a gym-free fitness routine to be refreshing, and chances are you won’t miss the sweaty gym atmosphere.

8. “I’ll start on Monday”

I am a notorious procrastinator, once I have a task to complete I’ll find a way to do everything else except what I’m supposed to be doing. While it may be okay to take your time with returning a library book or folding your laundry, you don’t have that luxury with your health.

Forget the calendar and adopt a “right now” attitude. Get in motion today, not tomorrow. Think of if this way: the time you waste avoiding the workout could have been spent actually doing it!

9. “I’m too sore”

It’s an unpleasant reality of exercise, soreness is inevitable. There are between 650-850 muscles in the human body, so your Pilates class is bound to make some of those muscles sore. Get in the habit of accepting the soreness and then fight through it. Use a foam roller over your muscles pre and post workout to properly stretch your muscles. Both chocolate milk and tonic water provide relief from achy muscles as post workout beverages.

Most importantly, stretch! Try working in yoga classes between hard core workouts to balance out the pain. Just remember, eventually the soreness will subside.

10. “I don’t want to bulk up”

Women are usually turned off by the idea of becoming too muscular, so they shy away from lifting weights. But in reality, muscle is needed to burn fat. The stronger you are, the faster burn the calories.

Grab a 10 pound kettle-bell and swing it like a pendulum between your legs for cardio and strength training, or do dead-lifts with a body bar for lean arms.

Studies show that those who incorporate weight training into their workout routine burn more calories while away from the gym than those who rely on a strictly cardio based fitness program.