As hip-hop continues to have its love affair with religion-tinged concepts (see: Yeezus and Born Sinners), No Malice steps into the spotlight to announce the arrival of his new album.

"Maybe they cant see just how serious I am. Maybe they thought this was just some passing phase or something I chose to do. Don't nobody choose this. I chose the money. I chose the pride of life and the lust thereof. They say, 'Malice, when you gettin' back to the music?' or 'Malice, you done switched up. I miss the old Malice.' Well that's when I tell 'em like the apostle Paul. Brethren, I don't count myself as having to rise but this one thing I do. Forgetting those things which you're behind and reaching forth unto those things which are before, and I'ma tell y'all again - it's No Malice."

Hear No Malice preach the good word on Hear Ye Him July 2.