Earl Sweatshirt knows what he likes and doesn't care who he offends with his opinions.

Recently, the OF rapper stood his ground against the Twitter assault he’s received after tweeting his dislike for Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail.

The Odd Future rapper tweeted: “If you really fucked with magna carta then unfollow me” on July 11 and instantly received backlash for it.

Despite the heat, Earl followed up with a joke to show he was standing by his opinion.

In an interview with MTV before his Vitamin Water Uncapped performance in New York on Monday (July 15), Earl explained the reason behind his opinion. “I stand by the fact that I don’t like that album, but I love Jay-Z. I just thought he didn’t sound like Jay-Z. I’m not delusional enough to think that people don’t change. Everyone changes. I sound a lot different thank I did a while ago too and I’m sure there’s people that’s not fans of that and I’m accepting of that.”

Earl readies himself for reactions to his own debut album Doris due out August 20. – Alley Olivier

Photo Credit: Twitter