Following Odd Future MC Earl Sweatshirt and legendary baller Shaquille O'Neal, LL Cool J is the latest to weigh in on Jay-Z's twelfth studio effort Magna Carta Holy Grail. During an interview with Revolt TV, the Queens rapper/actor wasn't impressed by the tactics Jay used to move units.

“For me as an artist I still want to be able to touch the people individually. It still matters to me that people individually went out and bought my record,” Todd Smith said. The "NCIS" star explained how getting a company to buy a million copies of an album to give away to the people is not the same hustle as encouraging people to cop. “Although I still think a million sold is a million sold, for me I like to know that a million people bought my record, not a company bought a million copies of my record," he added. Watch the interview above.