Jay Z's setlist from his Magna Carta World Tour opener Thursday night (Oct. 3) in Manchester, England looked ambitious on paper. The set was about 30 songs deep that spanned almost two decades, including fresh ones off his latest Magna Carta Holy Grail. All those lyrics, Hov was bound to forget a verse here or there. Footage of him messing up, or perhaps taking a breather, during the Watch the Throne track "No Church In The Wild" has not surprisingly surfaced from that first show.

Jay messed up on the line "Cocaine seats, all white like I got the whole thing bleached," by forgetting the "cocaine seats" part. From there he loses his rhythm.
After the Plato and Socrates shout-outs on his "No Church In The Wild" verse, Hov skipped the three lines: "I’m out here balling, I know y'all hear my sneaks/ Jesus was a carpenter, Yeezy he laid beats/ Hova flow the Holy Ghost, get the hell up out your seats." He got back into the swing of things after the Frank Ocean hook, but someone up in the rafters caught the whole thing on camera.

Not everyone is perfect, and, if you want to look at things positively, at least Jay Z didn't mess up singing the National Anthem in front of millions. Hov plays in Dublin tonight, before heading back to the UK to play the Birmingham NIA Arena on Oct. 8.