Dirty: Platinum Edition is an inside look at the all-too-short life of Wu-Tang Clan's most off-the-wall character Ol' Dirty Bastard. The film was directed by Ol' Dirty's cousin, Stephon Turner, and set to have its premiere on Friday (Nov. 15) at the Brooklyn Academy of Music as part of the NuHo Online Film Festival. The date would have also been ODB's 45th birthday, however the film never played.

A cease and desist order by the estate of ODB stopped the film from making its grand debut. NuHo managing partner Chris Kanik was forced to deliver the news to an auditorium full of spectators, but the hints that it wouldn't premiere were obvious from the get-go, according to Rolling Stone. The Q&A, scheduled for the end, was moved to the beginning and people waited up to two hours while the logisitics were sorted out. The ceasefire was reportedly ordered by ODB's ex-wife. Several members of Ol' Dirty Bastard's family -- his children and cousins -- were present too.

Ignoring the order, Dirty: Platinum Edition began to play, but only for a couple minutes before it was interrupted by a scheduled Skype call from RZA. The call was planned for post-film, but RZA was not privy to the drama unfolding in NYC. He gave his thoughts on copyright laws and informed the crowd again a new Wu-Tang album was indeed on the way, but still awaiting Raekwon features.

"Now we're showing another side of life, [it's] different from just being a street thug, so with the songs we have to give inspiration to adults," RZA said of the new material.

With the way the Dirty: Platinum Edition turned out, don't expect a new Wu-Tang album anytime too soon.