This is a story that will make you go "wow."

After giving a 12-year-old aspiring rapper a turn in the spotlight at his Greensboro, NC concert earlier in the week, Jay Z pulled up another youngster from the crowd at his recent Chicago Magna Carta Holy Grail gig. But turns out the two had met before.

19-year-old Monique Burrell, who goes by the rap name MoBoTheGreat, was cherry-picked to come up and rap for His Hoviness mid-set. MoBo had rapped for Jay when she was all but 16 and in attendance at a stop on his Blueprint 3 tour. The Chicago native held up a sign this time around that read: "I was 16 when I rapped on stage with you for BP3. I'm 19 and READY!

"Nigga, I had a hell of a day tryna get to this shit," she tells Jay Z once onstage. "Thank you." MoBo then proceeds to scale the stage as people in the crowd cheer. You can even hear one guy scream "ooh kill 'em" in the background in the pandemonium. MoBo even asks the crowd to be quiet because she is “tryna get signed tonight and shit.”

Turns out that after her time on stage, where she held it down like a natural, Jay Z's head of security came over and asked for her information, according to TMZ. Jay was apparently impressed -- nevermind the double divine intervention/coincidence of MoBo getting picked to perform on stage with Hov at one of his shows -- and wanted to reach out later.

Moral of the story: Always dream big.