Kanye West is laying the smackdown on Amazon and other digital entities responsible for the crypto-currency "Coinye West."

"We chose to represent Kanye because he is and always has been a trendsetter, and he’s always keeping things unique," the crypto-currency creators told Noisey, but this is one trend Yeezus wants no parts of.

THR reports that the rapper is suing the makers of "Coinye West" for trademark violations and publicity rights. In the complaint filed in New York federal court, West believes that consumers are likely to falsely believe that he is affiliated with the cryptocurrency. "

The creators of the e-currency decided to stay anonymous "just in case Kanye gets pissed off", but unfortunately it did not work. Since he cannot pinpoint specific culprits behind the matter, he is targeting a range of parties, including Amazon.com, identified as providing web hosting services to the currency exchanges.

Amazon is said to be allegedly encouraging and contributing to the websites offering "Coinye West." Other defendants include 0daycoins.com, payment processors, operators of cryptocurrency "wallets," and retailers accepting Coinye.

Now the crypto-currency's website homepage reads, "Coinye's Dead. You win, Kanye".