Will Teedra Moses ever get the spotlight that she deserves?

The storied, angel-voiced singer (who, despite signing to Rick Ross' MMG in 2011, has gotten little attention) drops something new for her cult of followers. Her latest, "All I Ever Wanted," finds her over it, finally moving past a man who thinks he can buy her love.

"You gave your money when I gave you my heart/Now I'm out here getting this money, so I don't need you no more," Teedra coos over a sample of Dynasty's 1980 song "Adventures in the Land of Music"—recognizable from Camp Lo's '97 classic, "Luchini AKA This Is It."

"I love this record more than anything because I've had the idea to rock over this sample forever," Moses says in a press release. "I was always intimidated by how classic the sample was but I appreciate my brother Thadeus Dixon for always being willing to experiment with my ideas. He took this idea to that level I was looking for."

"All I Ever Wanted" is the lead single from her upcoming Cognac & Conversation" EP, which is co-executive produced by Rick Ross and Raphael Saadiq.

"As always, I'm speaking from my heart," she says of the project. "I purposely incorporated a '90s feel to the sound because it's what I'm nostalgically drawn to right now. It allows me to relive a time when I was in love and things seemed simpler. This project is—as always—driven by the music. I intend to comfort the listener with words and melodies that they can relate to their life."

Check out the first single from Cognac & Conversation below. —John Kennedy