Attaining an Oscar is like holding gold in its purest form. All other award shows seem minuscule compared to this profound and well respected night. It has many faults, but in the nearly 100 years of this annual ceremony, they seemed to always award the right star eventually. However, there are some celebs that gave award-worthy performances, but never left with the trophy. Flip the page to see the stars that were previously duped.

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Eddie Murphy

Johnny Depp

Will Smith

Samuel L. Jackson

Queen Latifah

Brad Pitt

Taraji P Henson

Oprah Winfrey

Leonardo DiCaprio

Cicely Tyson

Tom Cruise

Don Cheadle

Laurence Fishburne


Gabourey Sidibe

Demi Moore

Zoe Saldana

Robert Downey, Jr.

Angela Bassett

Joaquin Phoenix

Chadwick Boseman


Sanaa Lathan

Thandie Newton

Quevanzhane Wallis
 Larenz Tate

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Terrence Howard

Nia Long

Jada Pinkett Smith