According to the original founder of Deadline, Nikki Finke, the mysterious Hollywood journalist believes that the team of Phil Lord and Chris Miller are being wooed by Sony to take over Ghostbusters 3.

This is excellent news if true, because the project has since been vacated by franchise director Ivan Reitman following the death of Harold Ramis. Miller and Lord are currently putting the final touches on June's 22 Jump Street, which will find the filmmakers returning to the mix with Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill's undercover cops (who infiltrate a drug ring in college).

If they accept, which we hope they do, the duo would start on Ghostbusters 3 immediately since Sony wants to get the ball rolling as early as January 2015.

Lord and Miller's track record find them on fire lately with the success of The Lego Movie, and would be perfect for Ghostbusters 3. They're incredibly interested in '80s aesthetic that has been constant throughout their three films (including Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) and would meld perfectly with the Ghostbusters universe without crossing the streams.

The duo would want to take a crack at the script, which has been written by Etan Cohen, and would want to be heavily involved in the pre-production and design work. That does take time, but given how cool Lord and Miller are with Sony and the rest of Hollywood, they might be able to get this off the ground quickly and put the Ecto-1 out of park.

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