The search for a perfect lipstick and perfect man are one in the same—tiresome, never-ending and plagued with dead ends. Thankfully, BITE Beauty solves one of our problems with their Matte Creme Lip Crayon. Bright, bold and full of personality, their myriad of shades make lip lacquer maintenance an adventure instead of a chore. In addition to being petroleum and gluten-free, each pencil is also formulated with a citrus peel wax, leaving your lips soft and kissable.

Sometimes, lipstick and laughs are the only remedy after a stressful day. Keep reading to see each of our "Lip Crayon Chronicles" and click here to purchase your own ($24).



Above: Fuchsia Pink

On Sharifa- Blood Orange (Electric Citrus Red)

On Nikki- Sweety (Coral Pink)

On Nikki- Clementine (Citrus Orange)

On Clover- Grape (Muted Violet)

On Ashley- Kumquat (Pink Grapefruit)