Ashton Kutcher and ex-wife Demi Moore have created an initiative to help raise the awareness of human trafficking with the help of their celebrity friends.

Drake, Justin Timberlake, Jamie Foxx and many more are using their influence for good and are joining the former power couple with their “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls” campaign.

“The issue of sex slavery is more monumental than most people realize, and we’re trying to get the word out. Even though slavery was abolished hundreds of years ago, more people are slaves today than ever before and the numbers are soaring," Kutcher said in a statement. "Men, women and children are enslaved for many purposes including sex, pornography, forced labor and indentured servitude."

The actor continued to say that the campaign aims to educate society on this startling issue, and "eliminate the demand for sex slavery, and to make it harder for people to be a part of this abusive industry."

To find out what you can do to support this cause, visit "Real Men Don’t Buy Girls" here.

Photo Credit: Getty Images