Ladies, our faces are the first thing people see when they look at us, so we want to make sure it's always presented in tip-top shape. Enter VIBE Beauty. When we first introduced you Vixens to the line, it was for their stash of hair care products. Now we're here to spill the goods on their makeup and skincare products. From bold lippies and glosses to concealers to minty exfoliators, VIBE Beauty's got it all.

Flip through to see five of our favorite products and be sure the snag them all on

Shown Above: 3-in-1 Runway Powder, $17.50

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Luxury Lipstick, $13.50

All in One Concealer, $14.50

Glow Illuminator, $16.50

Clean Mint Gentle Exfoliator, $17.50