A Florida man thought it was a brilliant idea to make it rain at his barbershop by allegedly doubling the joint as a strip club. A local barbershop in Orange County Florida was shut down for doubling as an illegal strip club, WFTV reports. Police say 42-year-old Derrick Price was operating a gentlemen's club and selling liquor out of his Super Fades barbershop. Reports say Price had a permanent stripper pole in the center of his shop and allowed a 17-year-old girl to dance at his establishment. The bust comes after months of surveillance by Orange County's Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation. Agents reportedly went undercover on several occasions as they witnessed nude dancing and the sale of alcohol. Price is being charged with "allowing a worker to engage in nudity, allowing a person under the age of 18 in an adult entertainment establishment, operation of an establishment without a valid license, and possession of alcohol without a license with intent to sell". Neighbors said they had no clue the shop was harboring illegal activity. Watch the full report above.