Caribana, the festival celebrating Caribbean culture held each summer in Toronto, is only a couple days away. The smorgasbord of food, dance, music and tradition of the West Indies will be on display for all to revel in for the entire weekend. If you listen closely you can hear the “ting, ting, ting, ting” of metal spoons rhythmically hitting glass beer bottles...

Whether it’s Rihanna blazin for the island of Barbados or Nicki Minaj turning up for Trinidad and Tobago, you can bet celebrities will be spotted waving their flags and dancing on the big truck during this extravagant, plume-filled processional.

In honor of the Caribbean culture that expands farther then you may know, we've put together an eye-opening list of island-hailing stars, who just might make an appearance at this year's parade. Flip through and see who may also be from the island you rep.


A$AP Rocky

His father was born in Barbados. Ahhhh, that’s why him and RiRi are so close...


Alicia Keys

The sultry singer is of Jamaican descent on her father’s side of the family tree.


Karlie Redd

Controversial Love and Hip Hop star, Karlie Redd, was born in New York but spent most of her childhood in Trinidad.




Future, who’s real name is Nayvadius D. Wilburn, was born of Haitian parents.



She says, ”my dad is Dominican and my mom is from the Bahamas.”



Zoe Saldana

Born in the U.S. to a Dominican father and Puerto Rican mother, Saldana moved back to the Dominican Republic for 10 years as a child.



The Young Money rapper is half Jamaican and I think, maybe, half tiger.

Nia Long

This well-loved actress was born in the U.S. to Trinidadian parents.

Jason Derulo

The talented singer’s parents are Haitian.


Laz Alonso

The former Wall Street investment banker-turned-actor’s parents are from Cuba.



British singer-songwriter Estelle is a product of a Senegalese mother and a Grenadian father.



He has Spanish heritage, but his mother is also Haitian.


Romany Malco

The “Think Like a Man” actor’s parents are from Trinidad.


Ryan Leslie

Ryan Leslie has Caribbean blood flowing through his veins. His mother is of Caribbean Dutch ancestry and his father is originally from Barbados but was raised in.


Colin Powell

Both of retired four-star general Colin Powell’s parents were Jamaican immigrants to the US (LMAO, we really don't think you will see him at Caribana).